Thursday, February 14, 2008


After two weeks of fruitless searching, JR came to my rescue. ZBoy had a project due Friday on a black scientist (Black History Month you know), but we were coming up with nothing. JR is a wiz at internetting and found me a source. At lunchtime today, I went to the library and copied the pertinent pages.

And tonight we put it all together. Got a bit artsy and had some fun - and stayed up WAY too late. I think it was worth it, though. I'll take a picture in the morning and post it here. I'm too tired to go back down the stairs again.

Scientist Mobile

This turned out pretty cool, actually - The top has her name and DOB. The middle piece has what she's best known for, and below that three interesting facts about her/her life. Out to the side are two pictures of her, and on the other side and note that she also worked with the American Red Cross. The stars are decoration (and reflect her association with NASA). Z turns it in this morning!


The lady in question

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JR said...

As the beadle would say:

"Glad, as always, to oblige my friends and neighbors."