Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bored Boy with Camera

A couple of weeks ago, two of Darling Man's aunts and a cousin came to visit. ZBoy always loves these visits as these are some of his favorite people. However, as much as the company is loved, a boy can get bored listening to some of the stories and the sitting around talking bit. So, unbeknownst to me, he went and got my camera and began taking pictures.

IMG_3518 IMG_3519
Darling Man's Mom and Aunt H decided to have a sit down out in the sun room.

IMG_3520 IMG_3521
ZBoy caught me sitting there talking with them while Darling Man was on the screened porch with his dad, Aunt I and Cousin T.

IMG_3523 IMG_3524
ZBoy adores Cousin T! And of course, he likes Roscoe too!

IMG_3525 IMG_3528
Uncle J and Aunt R were the hosts of this little get together. Buba is taking relaxation seriously now!!!

IMG_3529 IMG_3535
I love seeing Z's perspective on people. He likes to get up close and personal - even with himself as the subject.

IMG_3543 IMG_3536
I think this is as nice a picture of Pop as I've ever seen. He's smiling and feeling pretty happy. Of course, having Cousin T and Aunt I around makes everyone smile.

The sisters. Aren't they beautiful?

It's an interesting habit ZBoy's picked up. Whenever he's bored, he reaches for the camera (usually without asking). I find these later...

He came along to the memorial party for JL too. It was held in a local watering hole/sports bar. Darling Man and the rest of the crew joined us after a long, grueling day. Can you tell DM is tired?
IMG_3547 IMG_3549
Somehow, it didn't seem fitting to not have a drink, but I can't drink alcohol with my medication - so someone introduced me to O'Douls. Tastes like beer but doesn't impair you OR interfere with my medication!

ZBoy ZBoy at Wake
Yeah - towards the end of the evening, Z was down to taking pictures of his own feet - and nostrils. We left shortly after these two were taken. Everyone was tired.

Food Network in a bar
He did, however, get a kick out of this. The entire place was lined with televisions - all with various sporting events on them. Except for one, which was airing the Food Network.



nikki said...

He's a good little photographer! It's tempting to get Aaron his own disposable camera to see what he comes up with.

lisa marie said...

I think he got some shots that an adult would not have been able to get. As a kid he blends better and people are all looking at him lovingly instead of annoyingly. :) He needs a camera for his birthday. :)

karisma said...

Great job Zboy! Very nice pictures!

My kids also do this, but what makes me laugh the most are the ones I find when I open my mobile phone! The girls are forever taking silly pictures of themselves and setting it as the wallpaper! I agree with Lisa, he does need a camera for his birthday! Our little guy has had his hand up for a year now, he is still waiting though!