Monday, March 10, 2008

Little Boy Blues

I guess all little boys go through that phase. The one where they don't want to brush their teeth or take a bath or wash their hair.

Sometimes it's not that, but wearing the same clothes all the time. My mother consoles me with tales of my brother who wore the same pair of pants for MONTHS. She tried to sneak them out to wash them, but he dug them out of the dirty clothes pile when she wasn't looking. To say he smelled ripe was putting it politely. The incredibly stylish striped, smelly pants finally literally fell apart - thereby solving the problem.

That is NOT ZBoy's problem.

He actually loves taking baths - once he gets into them. It's the getting-him-into-it that is hard, and once he's in there, getting him to wash his hair is near impossible.

I have threatened shaving his head. I told him that if he's going to HAVE hair, he'd better take care of it. That's usually good for a couple of washings, but eventually we find ourselves getting combs stuck in it.

During his last bath, I told him to wash his hair - to much moaning and groaning. I handed him the shampoo and told him to get to it.

Minutes later, he called me - and said "Bring the camera!!!"

Using his shampoo as a styling tool, ZBoy tried on several different styles.

Do what?

First, he started out with this.

work in progress

Then he began working it...

Front mohawk
Is this a good look for me?


Can I get my nose pierced for this one?

Ed Grimley lives

Ed Grimley's got nothing on me!


An attempt at Yugio hair that fell a little flat

McCauley Culkin?

How about this "Little Rascals" look?

Propeller hair

I'm thinking Flock of Seagulls, but ZBoy calls this "Propeller Hair."

Well - at least it's clean!


Sandy said...

Tell Propeller Hair that I think he has the cutest freckles! OK, don't tell him, but he does.

karatemom said...

I still cant get over how much he looks like my younger son.
Mine did not get the nose ring but he did get an ear pierced when he was 12..
i really like it though its him .

Nekked Lizard Man said...

I wish I had that much hair to shampoo and shape - and just to wash, but them I am saving on shampoo....

min said...

"I guess all little boys go through that phase. The one where they don't want to brush their teeth or take a bath or wash their hair."

Reggie's been in that phase for the past 6 years.

nikki said...

Go for the mowhawk. I hear it's in style now.

Jettie said...

Love it! our boys love to suds up and make silly hair!!

Liane Michel said...

Fear not. There will come a time when you'll be telling him to "stop" taking so many showers! At least that has been my situation.

Anna said...

Bless! He's so cute...

Gonna be a real ladykiller in a few years!

ablondeblogger said...

Awww, what a cutie!

I remember daring my friend do walk to the end of our street with her hair like that (all shampooed and sticking up straight), and she did. *giggle*

Nona said...

LOL!!! Your kid is so sweet and funny.

lisa marie said...

What great fun! I love the "nosed pierced" one. :) I think he should wear it that way everyday. :)

I had the most trouble with my daughter, believe it or not. She would not take baths, then she would put her dirty undies back on making her smelly. I snuck in and stole them away once and tried to hide my giggles as I told her a ghost stole them. :)

karisma said...

Well, he is clean! And his hair is much neater than my Z's. I cannot catch him for a trim these days, he is going for the feral look! LOL.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Oh my gosh, that kid is too cute. I am coming to Florida to steal him!!!


Anonymous said...

Those pants were not striped, but brown and white houndstooth check. The shirt I wore with them was striped.

And I still miss them both. :(

Sayre said...

You know... I remember those. And I do believe that somewhere in these boxes, I have a PICTURE! I really must unpack one of these days...

Anonymous said...

Even then, I knew the importance of pants that make your butt look good. :)


Anonymous said...

Your boy is soooooo cute. Here's a warning. When boys are in full puberty they stink no matter how many baths they take. Hormones I suppose.