Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Toy

I have a new toy. Bought it on EBay - a first for me! Boy, could I get in trouble there (but that's a post for another time...).

Anyway, it's a digital camera with a 10x zoom, a macro setting - lots of bells and whistles. I'm still learning how to use it - and no, I haven't read the directions yet... Still, I am enjoying playing with it!

Z and Kida

ZBoy and Kida on the stairs

ZBoy's Eyes

ZBoy's eyes - from across the room!


I thought this was really cool - a leaf and its shadow.

We will be spending the weekend at the beach with Darling Man's ex-wife, her daughter M, SSK, DILP, and GDK. Easter egg hunt in the sand. LOTS of photo experiment opportunities. I should read the instructions and PLAY.

Thanks, Matt, for staying at the house and animal-sitting for us!!!


lisa marie said...

Oh yeah, we will get to see Easter Egg hunt photos? We'll be going to a hunt this morning ourselves, well our grandson will be hunting. :)

denise said...

HOLY COW! nice purchase. I want one.

Sandy said...

Beautiful shots! My gosh, ZBoy's eyes are amazing and your dog? just gorgeous. Have fun at the beach.

Anonymous said...

The leaf and shadow is amazing. The shadow looks like dog who just found the biggest Easter egg ever.

karisma said...

Congratulations! They sure are great pictures.

Pamela said...

the leaf is something else!

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said... wonder you took so many pics (posted) for your A, B, Cs :). Love those freckles & eyes!

And the leaf/shadow? The shadow looks like a monkey chasing a ball (or am I seein' things???) :).