Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Afternoon at Red Dragon Farm

I don't know what possessed me... perhaps it was the gorgeous weather. Perhaps it was the fact that Darling Man was planning to spend the afternoon taking the dog for a bike ride and working on the pool - leaving ZBoy and me to our own devices. Maybe it had just been a while. Whatever the reason, I called out to the farm and told Mom and Dad that Z and I were coming for a visit.
After visiting for a few minutes, ZBoy asked if we could go take Deacon for a walk around the farm. Sounded good to me. So we set off with Mom and Dad's dog. First stop was the barn. I wanted to have another look at Grandma's desk and be sure I wanted it for my bedroom before I came back with a truck to dig it out. Yep. Still want it.


My brothers' idea of a perfect barn ornament. A set of horns on a skull? No, not big enough! A gigantic swordfish? Oh yeah.


The last time Dad got baby chickens, he really got babies - they were only a day old. Unfortunately, at that age, you cannot tell if it's going to be a chicken or a rooster. Guess what? There was a rooster in the bunch. Not good if you're looking to have your chickens lay eggs for a living and not get all broody. This handsome young guy has a new home waiting. Dad's just got to catch him...


We spent quite a bit of time inspecting the garden. When I finally have a garden, I want raised beds like these!


At first, I thought the deer had been munching on the cabbages. Every single one of them looked like this. But Dad says it's the chickens - that they found the cabbages and pecked them down. Still looks like deer nibbles to me. The squash is blooming. I absolutely adore yellow squash and hope there's a bumper crop this year!

100_0346 100_0347

The strawberries are already bearing fruit. Z and I picked 7 ripe ones and ate them. Mmmmm! Dad also planted some of the field. He had, for a couple of years, let that part go and planted deer fodder. But the spectre of corn changed his mind and last year, he had some very lovely corn to show for it. I think he plants the deer fodder in the off season, so they're not totally out of luck!

100_0349 100_0350
Last year, there were no blueberries. It was dry as a bone out there and the bushes didn't produce. This spring, we've been getting some good rains, and LOOK!


Dad built this tree house for the grandkids a few years ago. My brother John's kids got quite a bit of use out of it, but I would never let ZBoy go up there alone. Except for that high rail, there are no sides to it! I'd still feel more comfortable if there were a few more rails around the sides, but Z has gone up in it a few times.


You can see some kind of contraption in the woods past ZBoy - it's a hayrake. After the hay gets cut in the big field, Dad hooks this to his tractor and uses it to flip the hay so it all gets dry. It looks like a fantasy piece of machinery - like it should be used by faeries, doesn't it?


Deacon was enjoying this walking and exploring immensely. Too bad Kida wasn't here - she loves to play with Deacon. She got her own entertainment on Sunday though.


As we left, I was struck by how beautiful the sunlight was coming through the pecan trees. We had pecan trees in our yard when I was growing up, and I knew then that one day I would have a little house smack in the middle of a pecan grove. They're bare in winter and have the most lovely shade in the summer! It may never happen for me, but I can always visit my parents' grove!
Oh, and of course we came home with a couple dozen eggs. They really ARE so much better than those sad little white store-bought eggs.

It was a wonderful afternoon at the farm. I just wish it wasn't quite so far away.


HoosierGirl5 said...

Great pictures, Sayre. I'm on my way.....


Jan said...

This was a great tour of the farm. Being a city girl my whole life, I appreciate it. Yes the hayrake looks as if faeries would use it.

lisa marie said...

Yummy eggs and yummy garden! I just can't believe how much further along you guys are than us. Amazing!

karisma said...

That was the best walk Ive had while sitting on my tush this week! Thank you! I just love the farm, its gorgeous!

nikki said...

I have the best recipe for stuffed yellow squash. I need to find it and send it to you!

Great pictures. I'm still amazed how big and mature Zboy is looking these days.

Jeff said...

Add pictures of horses and you have my future dream home (the rural edition). Great pictures. Thanks for providing an escape.

Anonymous said...

My ex - sil made the best yellow squash casserole ever. I will email her and see if I can get her recipe.
Have you tried fried squash blossoms?
Yummy, dipped in egg and flour and salt and pepper and fried and drained. Quick and easy.

Anonymous said...

I love fresh eggs and the farm is beautiful. Kudo's to Dad and Mom.
I plan on taking the time to stop by next time I am through there. Of course it will probably require me to add another day to what ever my plans are because I will not want to leave.

love ya,

storyteller said...

I’m popping over from your Fun Monday link today! This post was certainly an intriguing bit of serendipity … and the pictures are wonderful. I’ve got a few strawberry plants producing fruit in my front yard too! Delicious!
Hugs and blessings,

ellen b said...

Oh this is just lovely. How wonderful to have this farm to visit and enjoy...

Jo Beaufoix said...

What a gorgeousd place. I love the comemnt about the faeries too. :D My Fun Monday is up but you may need to scan down for it if you get chance to drop by. Have a fab week. :D

Anna said...

Finally here!

Wonderful pictures, I'm jealous. It's one of my dreams to have a little farm one day. Probably will never happen though.

I now have a couple of squash blossoms, but no signs of actual squash yet!

I have some pics of my garden I need to post. It's on the list...