Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gloomy Morning/Evening Sunshine

Doesn't he look thrilled to be going to school? He argued and complained all the way to the bus stop. I was pretty darned happy to see him get on the bus!

100_0268 100_0269

I originally brought the camera along in case Tottie decided to follow us to the bus stop. She's our walking cat. If we go anywhere on foot, she'll follow us. I've only had one other walking cat - Miss Kitty. She was left with us when my grandmother and her husband moved to Canada. We had 4 kids in the house at the time, and she was having NONE OF THAT. She promptly ran away and found herself a little old lady to live with. We lived near a golf course and almost every evening we would go for a walk around it. And Miss Kitty would join us for the walk, and return to her little old lady when we were done.

Tottie didn't follow us today. But I did see this lovely thing on my way back home from the bus stop... Does anyone know what it is? It grows on a dead looking tree, and then all of a sudden, the dead branches look like someone tied corsages all over it. But they're growing there. It's really quite lovely!


It looks like I may have some takers for my MY LIFE IS A MESS Challenge! It is a VERY loose challenge - more designed to get us off our butts and get to work on the spring cleaning. Karisma is actually doing fall cleaning down there in Australia, but she's making some serious headway. Kaytabug was the first brave woman to sign up and has already posted her closet pictures! I'll be interested to see how they look in the after pictures. Lisa is already straightening out her Chaos - was doing it before the rest of us started, so she has no before pictures to show us how far she's come. Nikki thinks that if she tries to clean her closet, she might unearth Jimmy Hoffa and that could set off all kinds of reprecussions... And Anna? She'd love to join in, but is afraid I'd yell at her for playing in her garden instead of straightening her closet. Anna, Anna, Anna - I don't yell at people! Enthusiastic encouragement maybe, but not yelling! Any one else want to be "encouraged?" Beckie has decided she wants in too!

DotInFL dropped by yesterday on her way downstate with a pile of Real Simple magazines and a few others tossed in as well. Interestingly enough, the magazine on top (she swears she didn't plant it) was all about organizing your closets - all kinds of closets! Including a pantry. That's gonna be my next home cleanup project. My mom, inspired by MY mess, organized her's yesterday. Dang. If you knew my mom, you'd know what a huge effort that was.

You think I started something here?

I mentioned that my boss has suggested that I declutter my office in preparation for moving stuff out to have new carpeting laid. These aren't TRUE before pictures because I forgot my camera yesterday and did a lot of paper-tossing before taking these today. Must have filled up half a recycle box (those things are about waist high) with all my paper debris.


A bit of a mess, huh?


Even that big, long shelving unit has to move out. I moved it in, and let me tell you - that thing is heavy. And awkward. At least I don't have to move it this time, but I do have to empty it...


I closed the door so you could see all the junk piled up behind it. When the door is open, the junk is hidden and all you see is Elvis.


Half this pile of tapes went into a box to be shipped back to the distributor today. I have to find more boxes though, so I can get rid of the rest of them. It'll be a relief to have them gone!

Remember Gloomy Gus from this morning? Well he turned into evening sunshine tonight! He had a baseball game and it was a shut-out! 16-0 (though officially they don't keep score at this level). And he got two hits! First time ever on base. He got as far a third before the final out of the inning was called and was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to cross home plate, but that day is coming!

For his efforts today, and his vast improvement over previous practices and games, he was awarded the "game ball". It put him over the moon. I think you can tell by that flashing dimple, which doesn't come out all that often.


He's not a pitcher, but he's been watching his pitchers enough to imitate one.


I can't tell you how happy I am that he's finally enjoying this. The look on his face throughout the game told the whole story. He finally GOT it, and he LIKES it! The next game isn't until next Wednesday though, so he's going to spend some time in Uncle Joe's batting cage this weekend and play some catch as well. I'm so proud of my boy!!!!


lisa marie said...

Yay! You are going nuts cleaning everywhere and I like that term "Shut Out" He looks like he had fun!

I'll see what I can do to get soem after pics. :)

Beckie said...

"Gloomy Gus" - that cracks me up!

I think this challenge is just what I need.

I already did my dresser last week and I don't have before pictures. There is no help for my closet. Oh...I'll clean something and post pictures of it. Count me in.

JR said...

When I played T-Ball way back when, I played on the Pirates. Our biggest rival then was the Orioles.

I'm still not sure why. But they were. Grrr.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

He's so freaking cute!

(Even when gloomy.)

nikki said...

The dimples are beyond adorable. When did he get so tall?!?!

(Go Elvis!)

karisma said...

Well that office does not look half as bad as my sewing room did! I think I would like to go and join Anna in her garden that sounds like much more fun!

Stephanie said...

DANG but your boy is a cutie-pie!!

And since you think your office is a mess...

I will never, EVAH show you mine. I try and I try but... I. AM. Hopeless. *sob*

Alice in Wonderbread said...

Z-boy is getting older before my very eyes! He looks so healthy and happy. :)

I hope someday our families meet in person, share a TMBG concert or something.