Friday, April 25, 2008

Heads Up!

Just wanted you to know that MY LIFE IS A MESS continues. When I left work on Thursday night, my office was devoid of stuff. Two desks and a humongous shelf unit were still there because the carpet guys are supposed to move that stuff.

I worked from home this morning, and went by the office after lunch to see what had been accomplished.

My office looked exactly the way I'd left it. Supposedly they would get to it this afternoon, but I'm not holding my breath. Actually, I am. The glue they're using is amazingly potent. Chuck came around the corner and said "HI!" to me - and I replied "YES I AM!" causing engineers in the hallway to turn around and look at me. I then left.

Fingers crossed, I will be moving back in on Monday and will shots of the clean, organized office to show you Monday night.

But this little delay had made me think about what I need to tackle next. What I came up with was a list. So here's the deal. If you need/want to tackle anything on this list at home, do it when you're ready to. You don't have to stick to MY schedule - it's just a prod to get you moving.

The Junk Closet - the one where you throw everything you don't know what to do with.
The closet under the stairs
Kitchen Cabinets
The Garage

I'm planning on two to three weeks for the Garage because it's just that messy.

So ya'll start when you're ready and post pictures of the before and after. Perhaps you can inspire someone else who isn't sure where to start!


karisma said...

How funny! I was just in the kitchen cursing the kids for trashing my tupperware cupboard once again. I always tidy it so I can see everything and everything has a place but the little devils rummage and then throw things back in. It made me think of you and your challenge and whether I should add it to the list! My sewing room is still perfect but I have not had time to tackle the rest yet! I don't have a junk closet, but the laundry closet needs tidying and so does under the stairs which does not have a cupboard just lots of junk. (Maybe I should get a junk closet?) Or better still maybe I should get rid of all the junk! Theres a thought!

I aim to catch up one day, really I do. But can't see it happening in a hurry. We had a three week break from school work so I have to start up again on Monday and today we are having family over for a bbq so I cannot see me doing it for a while yet!

Pendullum said...

It is spring... and amazing what did not bother is through our 'hybernation' can drive us batty when the air smells of fresh manolia and cherry blossoms....