Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Life is a Mess - Bedroom Closet

Last Saturday, I set myself the task of cleaning up my bedroom closet, the repository of everything we didn't know what to do with. I made a good start last Sunday, but then got side-tracked during the week with trying to get my office in some semblance of order - something that will take at least two weeks.

I did nothing on my closet all week. Or on my dresser. Last night, I thought, OMG - I need to get crackin' on this! It's my challenge after all - how would it look if I failed miserably on the first one out of the chute? Darling Man was working all day, and I farmed ZBoy out to one of my friends and got to work.

I must say, the result is a thing of beauty. I toyed briefly with the idea of painting it and getting rid of that awful color, but decided against it.

Before pictures, followed by after pictures.

The Floor (on Hubby's side)
100_0306 100_0311

Hubby's Side
IMG_3613 100_0308

My Side
IMG_3612 100_0310

The Upper Shelves (before - totally under-utilized)
There's no actual picture, but there are now shoe boxes with shoes and big containers holding out of season clothing and bedding for our bed.

Another angle of hubby's side (wire plant hanger holds belts and ties!)

The Dresser (moved into the closet to free up some space in the bedroom)
IMG_3611 100_0307

Is no more.

Of course, now... my room looks like this:
Gonna have to fix that before Darling Man gets home from work tonight...

My next effort (after cleaning up the bedroom) is going to be the hallway linen closet. Yeah. Like the energizer bunny, I'll keep going... and going... and going...

Check out these fellow organizers - and see what and how they're doing!


karisma said...

So where are you going to put all that stuff now? And how come the ironing crap always ends up in our space when they seem to create most of the ironing?

The closet looks lovely now doesnt it?

Celeste said...

That looks beautiful (the closet). The bedroom looks like a stip back, though! Looking at you and your husband, I am realizing that I have far too much JUNK.

Beckie said...

Holy cow! You really went to town on that closet. Good Job!

Kaytabug said...

High 5! The closet looks fab!! Your bedroom looks like my bedroom did just a few minutes ago before I cleared up the mess I made.
You have to make a bigger mess so you can organize and de-clutter.

I am getting there. I went out and bought a few of those space bags...they don't get as flat as it shows on the box. At least my extra blankets won't be getting dusty, same goes for my extra curtains.
You did a great job!!! I'm so glad I signed up for this torture! The end result will be totally worth it!

nikki said...

Now you can come clean my closet, since you did a good job and all.

Beckie said...

Oh yeah, count me in on the linen closet. Mine needs a good cleaning.

lisa marie said...

Yeah, that's about how I clean too. Then I end up going in circles. Moving stuff to one room, cleaning that room and moving to next and the piles might diminish but not disappear. :( I'll take some closet photos tonight. :) Sorry, I'm sloooow.

Anna said...

Wow, looks great!

I have actually done my wardrobe, just haven't posted pics yet. That's also on the list. Sigh!