Monday, April 07, 2008

New - My OFFICE is a Mess TOO!

When I came in to work this morning, there was a note on my desk. It seems that the felt green carpet squares, which have been in my office since the building was built (1982) are to be removed and replaced with actual carpet! For this event, I need to clean my office AND remove everything but the furniture (they're bringing in movers for this).

Uh-oh. Major undertaking about to commence. I have a couple of weeks to do it, and I know that I can. It kind of falls into the MY LIFE IS A MESS CHALLENGE, so I will make my office my challenge for next week. Thanks to my boss for the idea... The pantry gets a reprieve!

Tomorrow, I will take the camera with me, and you can see my office and its disarray. This could get interesting!

P.S. Kaytabug has decided to join my challenge this week and tackle her clothes closet! Anyone else???


Mel said...

Dude, if I wasn't embarrassed at the way my closet looks, I would. Honest.
But I can't... I just can't... show my messy closet to the Internets.

That girl said...

My entire bedroom is far too messy to show.

But, I can't wait to see your project!!

I do love before and after photos.

nikki said...

I think Hoffa is in my closet.

karisma said...

You will be proud to hear...I gave six large bags of clothes, toys and gulp.... craft stuff to charity yesterday! I am off to a great start at de-cluttering!