Sunday, April 20, 2008


Is anyone else having problems using Compose Mode for Blogger? It won't even give me a cursor much less anything else. I can't do links or colors or anything else like that in HTML. I haven't don't anything different, but it hasn't been working in nearly a week.

Help! If I can't figure this out, I'm going to have to move to another platform!


Alice in Wonderbread said...

Hi Sayre- no I haven't noticed, but I don't do much more than type. If you move please leave a forwarding address!

storyteller said...

I've had some odd things happen in the Blogger editor periodically this past week and had trouble uploading pictures too, but closing it down and starting over helped clear things up for me. This morning everything worked fine. In my experience, these things come and go here at Blogger as they make changes, but from what others write of Wordpress and Typepad ... I suspect there are 'issues' that arise with all platforms.
Hugs and blessings,