Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Follow-up to "Waiting for Tuesday"

Yeah, yeah... it's Wednesday night already. I'm sure you've been coming back here to see what happened every since that "Tuesday" post, huh?

Okay. Officially, I've lost another 8 pounds. Hurray! My blood pressure is down to 100/70. That's very good news!

My blood work numbers (cholesterol panel, diabetes A1C, etc) are all slowly improving. A couple of numbers are still out of whack, which is to be expected since they took me off the Zetia last month. However, Dr. VS is certain that everything will continue to improve as I lose weight - which I intend to keep doing!

When I walked in, I told him I had three things I wanted to discuss after we did our regular stuff, so when he was done talking about bloodwork and such, I told him:

1) Pain/soreness right side middle back. About the span of my hand and living right under the rib cage. I have an ultra sound scheduled on Friday to look at my gallbladder. Will know more when we get results back from that.

2) Pain and a feeling of bone chipping off in my index finger every time I write or type or use a mouse (yeah, part of the reason it's been quiet over here). Possibly, probably arthritis. X-ray to be done Friday as well to see what's going on there. The bone chipping thing is kind of weird though, so I also have a DEXA scan tomorrow to see how my bone density is holding up and if that might be part of my finger problem. My last one was three years ago and I was diagnosed with osteopenia at that time. Since then I've been on mega doses of calcium, so hopefully things haven't slipped too much there.

3) Spot on my face that occasionally just starts bleeding. It's next to my nose, which gets the most sun exposure of any part of my body. Even through the sunscreen. He removed it all and is sending it in for biopsy.

Yep - fun visit. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised about the face spot - I'm a very white girl living in Florida. And if you have three or more serious sunburns in childhood, your chances of having skin cancer go up rather dramatically. Hello? I spent a good part of my childhood with sunburns of one degree or another. I actually have scarring from sunburns. So the odds are definitely not on my side where skin cancer is concerned. Luckily, sunscreen was just starting to become available when I was in my teens (as opposed to "sun tan lotion" which wasn't protective, just a fancy moisturizer that I grew up with). And I learned to stay out of the sun. I was the most unfashionable Floridian ever, I'm sure.

Anyway, back on topic... I have another appointment in three weeks, so any news there is will probably be available then!


Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!! I need to buckle down, I feel like I'm starting to waddle.

Fingers crossed for everything else.

Sandy said...

So glad that your numbers are better! Congratulations on the weight loss, too.

Will keep you in my prayers for the rest of it.

Jeff said...

I am proud of you! For some reason I am having a tough time. I am hungry all the time. That usually isn't like me. Do you think I am pregnant?

I am praying for good results in your upcoming appointment.