Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Food, Glorious Food

This has been a week of fine dining - and for the sake of my new jeans, it has got to stop!

First on Monday, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Enchiladas with refried beans. Mmmmm... I don't do mexican often, but dang, when I do it, I do it right.

Tuesday was our graduation dinner for the Tai Chi Beginner's class. OMG. The appetizers: Strawberries and Cucumbers with rice noodles, and sprouts with some kind of mushroom and unidentifiable protein. Entrees: Tofu and mixed vegetables in black bean sauce, Watercress and chicken, Asian eggplant in a some kind of sweet sauce. And something I'm forgetting now. All served with rice and green tea. Fortune cookies for dessert (I should not be spending money right now - duh). It all came out on platters that got passed around and it was WONDERFUL. And boy were we full when we left. Absolutely delicious though - and a once in a lifetime sort of meal.

And tonight? Darling Man's birthday. ZBoy and I gave him a choice of a French restaurant and a steak house - and he chose lobster!

I can't remember the last time we had lobster. It used to be a three-times-a-year thing - our anniversary, Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. After a couple of years with ZBoy, we couldn't really afford it anymore, so we just stopped all of them. So I called around town to try to find out who sells live lobster and discovered that Wal-Mart of all places, was the only one relatively close that did! I drove out there, picked out a couple that were quite upset (the seafood guy got drenched trying to get them out) and had them steamed while I found french bread, salad, butter and cheesecake for dessert.

ZBoy even gave it a go (feeling brave after the success of Tuesday night) and found that he rather likes lobster. He doesn't LOVE it, but he didn't hate it either.

Still, it will probably be a while before we do the lobster-thing again. I put on my new, slightly baggy jeans today and discovered to my horror that they FIT. They had been getting a bit loose. Sigh. Time to get back on the wagon and start up the exercise again.

There's more to tell. I had extra kids all Memorial weekend and the 3rd grade picnic was today. But it's late and I'm tired (and full of lobster), so those are tales for another day.



Patience said...

Yikes! I hate when that happens!!

I'm not a big lobster fan but I'll do shrimp any day, any way.

Patience said...
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nikki said...

Dude, my fat pants are getting tight. I really need to work on that.

Man, I could go for some lobster.

Sandy said...

MMMMMM - lobster is one of the best butter transporters ever invented!

karisma said...

ARgh! Sometimes we need to eat! So go dancing afterwards!