Friday, May 23, 2008

Waiting for Tuesday

No big plans for the holiday weekend. Darling Man is working on Saturday and Monday, so it's gonna be quiet. I might finish pulling wallpaper off the wall and paint in ZBoy's bathroom. I'm kind of getting tired of looking at it everytime I go upstairs. It'll be a good laundry weekend too.

I plan to sleep in as much as possible.

Yeah, that's kind of odd for me. In fact, I've been feeling pretty tired in general lately. It's not the diabetes though. My numbers remain in good shape. I eat pretty well and am getting some exercise.

However, in the last month, I've been having this odd pain that was coming and going in my back on the right side under the ribcage. It kind of feels like when you sleep funny and you're sore all the way through. When I first felt it, I thought I'd pulled a muscle. And it went away the next day. But last night, as I gingerly lowered myself into a chair, I realized that it hasn't really gone away for the last week. It doesn't hurt much once I'm settled and not moving, but getting up, sitting down, laying down, bending over, reaching for anything - it hurts. Not sharp - just sore.

I mentioned this to Darling Man last night and he immediately thought lung cancer (yeah, it's in that general area). After all, I did smoke for 15 years. But there's no shortness of breath, no reduced function at all in that way. Somehow, I don't think so.

And this morning, when I called Mom, she asked a couple of questions and then asked if I'd had my gallbladder checked lately. It turns out that both my dad and my mom have had to have theirs removed due to stones and it's extremely likely that I may have the same problem.


Luckily, I already have a doctor's appointment for Tuesday morning, so I just have to hang in there until then.


karisma said...

Oh poor you! I hope you feel better soon! As for the sleeping in, I can't believe I actually did that this morning. I awoke to SB going surfing and promptly went back to sleep. The boys had both gone for sleepovers with friends and I only woke up when one of them came home at 9am. My goodness, such a sloth! Dinoboy is still out and the house is so so quiet!

Jan said...

Good luck, I hope your Mom is correct. Much better diagnosis than Darling Man's! Get plenty of rest.

Anna said...

Hope it's something easily fixable!

Or that it goes away by itself.

Trust DM to think the worst and worry you... typical man! ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought gall bladder too. Glad you have an appt scheduled.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Annie W.