Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Michael Efkin...

If you don't read Mama Drama, you have no idea what that means, but believe me - it's not a happy thing.

My gallbladder surgery is scheduled for June 19th - nearly two weeks from now. I'd hoped to get in sooner, but if my hopes come true, it will be because an emergency situation has arisen. So while I am impatient with the delay, I don't want emergency surgery either.

Unfortunately, that means at least two more weeks of nausea, sleeping sitting up, and trying not to jostle myself too much. At least an end is in sight.

So forgive me if I am less than witty or profound. Or if I miss a day or two.

I can't wait to feel better!!!!


karisma said...

Sending you hugs, hugs and more hugs. They seem to have helped me! So I pass them all on to you! xxxxxxxxx

karisma said...

PS: these are very gentle fairy hugs, not squeezing too hard at all!

ablondeblogger said...

Oh, Sayre, I feel for you!!! I went through this in 2004 and it was awful. It took them 8 months to figure out what was wrong with me and I was deathly ill.

They accused me of being anorexic because I'd lost 45 pounds and they told me I'd die before Christmas if I didn't eat. But I couldn't eat! I was just so sick, and the brilliant doctors were too stupid to order a HIDA scan (the test that ended up saving my life).

Hang in there...I'll never forget how miserable I was. It was like a stomach flu 24/7.

Good news is the surgery is very easy. Just give yourself time to recover.

After two weeks of still not feeling great post surgery another brilliant doctor told me if I wasn't better by then I never would be. *sigh*

Mine was different though because I'd been sick so long (my stomach couldn't function properly anymore nad it took a year before it was normal again).

I'll be praying for you and thinking of you!

nikki said...

Oh hun! I will keep you in my thoughts that all goes well and recovery is fast and smooth.

lisa marie said...

Glad it's scheduled and I'm sure you'll do great! I have had a ton of surgeries and the gallbladder was one of my easiest - recovery wise. :)