Monday, June 09, 2008

No Fun Monday this week

If you came by just in case (because I didn't even sign up this week), you will be disappointed. I'm not doing Fun Monday this week. My mind is a blank except for all the stuff I need to get done for work.

Surgery will be next week, but I have loads to get done before then - plus child care to wrangle with. ZBoy had camp last week, but it's another two weeks before he goes back. In the meantime, Darling Man and I get to juggle hours at work to make sure Z is taken care of. At least I can get some stuff done here, even though it's not officially sanctioned anymore. The bosses want to see my butt in my chair in my office. It makes life difficult and expensive when you can't really afford to send the kid off to camp, are paying for a roof and surprise car repairs... and gas.


Once this surgery is done and recovery complete, car economies might be easier to do since I will be able to ride my bike then.


lisa marie said...

Truly, you'll do good during surgery. :) I'm sure you're buzzing around trying to get some things accomplished. But in your quiet moments you are probably worried. Don't be, really, you'll be ok. :) XO

nikki said...

My thoughts are with you sweetie.