Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Out of Office to have Body Parts Removed

I was so tempted to put that sign up on my door...

Tomorrow is the day. I think I've got everything taken care of. Work stuff is finished until the 27th. My assistant is going on vacation starting on Friday, so she won't be around to pick up the slack. I think that I can spend a little time on the computer on Friday, just to make sure things are running smoothly. I won't be working - just monitoring a couple of things.

ZBoy is going to spend tomorrow night with a friend from camp, so he's taken care of.

Darling Man will be at my beck and call for 24 hours after the surgery. If he needs to leave, my mother is chomping at the bit to do something. Don't worry, Mom! I'm sure I'll need you somewhere along the line. I think Darling Man is going to need to go do a long bike ride or something to ease some of the stress.

It's hard for me to relax and let other people do, though. I'm one of those people who wants to be left alone when I'm ill. Just make sure there's ice water on the bedside table and I'm happy. I sleep or read or watch TV/DVDs. I don't talk.


Sandy said...

I need the occasional cup of tea to go with the ice water, myself.

Hope it goes well. Take care of you.

Anonymous said...


lisa marie said...

Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly, not that I'm worried cuz you'll be just fine but I know how nerve-wracking these hours before the surgery can be.

trkndude299 said...

I'm glad all went well for you.
I too had my Gall Bladder removed and life was so much better after that job.

Just don't do like I did and go for an extended walk.
i paid dearly for that for 4 days.
When the Doc says bed rest, you better believe him in this instance. I wish I had heeded his words.

My thoughts + prayers are with you + your family.

Here's to a healthy recovery!

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Fingers crossed everything goes well for you!

Patience said...

We all have excess body parts that need to be removed from time to time. Mine was a uterus. Boy am I glad it's gone!!

G'luck and {{{hugs!}}} to you!!

nikki said...

Take it easy and good luck. I'm keeping my fingers crossed so you have a fast and easy recovery!

Anna said...

I'm with everyone else, make sure you listen to the doc and REST as much as you need!

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Jeff said...

You are in my prayers. Thinking of you often today.

karisma said...

You just take it easy and stay in bed, or I will have to come over there and smack you myself.

Thinking of you this day and sending loving healing thoughts your way. Be brave.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Good luck, babe! Get well soon, so I can come visit you!


karisma said...

Ok Im back again! Hope all went well for you. Hugs and kisses! Love you! Karisma xxx