Thursday, June 12, 2008

These Dreams

Thanks to everyone who's checked in on me. I know it's been a bit quiet on my end. It's a departure from my regular posting habits.

My surgery is scheduled for a week from today. I can't wait. In addition to the nausea and the pain, I'm having trouble sleeping.

Oh, I sleep - but it's not sound and it's not solid. It's uncomfortable and I'm sleeping sitting up to aleviate some of the nausea that comes on when I actually lie down. So for the last month and a half, my sleep has not been... optimal.

In fact, my dreams have been downright weird. I'm one of those people who sleep so well (normally) that I almost never remember my dreams when I wake up. I feel rested and ready to start the day. But lately, I'm just as busy at night as I am when I'm awake. My brain doesn't stop. I've been in plane crashes and car wrecks, climbed mountains that never stop, been knifed, and abandoned.

It doesn't help that my waking life is becoming almost as strange. Much of it I can't talk about here because it involves other family members and is intensely personal. Work is busy and stressful as I prepare to take time off and everything needs to be done before I leave. I saw what I think was a shooting victim on my way to work today... the police and a firetruck was there and I thought at first that perhaps a housefire was happening, but then I saw the guy lying in the front yard covered in blood and changed my mind. Hopefully he just fell off the roof or something, but it really didn't look good.

With all this going on, it's probably not such a surprise that my nights have become so unrestful. And I'm praying that once this thing is out of me and I've recuperated, my sleep will return to the deep, restful brain vacation that it once was. In the meantime, I leave you with this - which pretty much sums it up:


Jan said...

Hang in there, your dreams and rest should get back to normal after the surgery. The life stuff, who knows.

karisma said...

Through the looking and I have a habit of reflecting each other my dear! I am sending a little loving healing your way. Try putting a crystal under your pillow at night, it helps! Now some say certain crystals only work, but I beg to differ, we are all in need of different things. For you amber would be good, but a little rose quartz or amethyst would do as they are ones you would more likely have laying around.

Hugs and kisses! I am thinking of you!

lisa marie said...

I bet the dreams are due to your extra stress. I hope you feel more at ease as early as this coming Friday even. You may be so wiped out after surgery you sleep peacefully for a while. :)