Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Better day

After spending one long, weepy day at work yesterday, I decided to go to Tai Chi last night. Tai Chi is something I do just for me, and since the surgeon cleared me to start doing stuff again (except lifting for another three weeks), I thought I'd go back.

Since I've been away for over a month, I'm doing the beginner classes again. I have to say, I have impeccable timing. The first time around, I missed three weeks total, but a lot happens in those three weeks - so I kind of did some of the moves, but really had no idea what the heck I was doing. Last night, they covered the material I missed the first week I missed in the original class! So now I actually KNOW how to do "fist under elbow" and "warding off monkeys" instead of just faking it. I went home and went to bed feeling all floaty and relaxed.

Josh was dropped off at my house this morning so I could take both boys to camp today. His mom is out of town and his dad had a meeting he had to get to - too early to drop Josh at camp. So the boys played a bit before we headed out. I think Josh has hit a growth spurt... his shorts were looking a bit small. I always buy ZBoy's clothes on the large side so he has some time to wear them. Of course, last summer, he was quite a large boy, so I'm getting two years of wear out of some of these clothes!

After dropping them off at camp, I headed in to work. I was sitting in my office talking with Suzanne when my cell phone went off. An unfamiliar number flashed in my caller id.

This isn't unusual. I'm only one number away from a hitch store and get their phone calls all the time. Answering, I was prepared to give out the correct number when the person on the other end of the line started whispering.

**hi**unintelligible whisper, then expectant silence**

"I'm sorry... I didn't catch that," I replied while looking at Suzanne with eyebrows raised.

**split-pants emergency!!! Could you bring pants?** whispered an embarrassed little boy-voice.

"For you or for Josh?" I asked, thinking that perhaps Josh's slightly too-small shorts had split somehow.

There's some giggling on the other end now. "For me, Mom." More giggles.

He went on to explain that he was showing off some of the exercises he used to do for KenPo, including a straddle stretch and his pants split.

Ah. Showing off. That explains everything.

I went around the corner to the Family Dollar and after much searching through toddler clothes and gigantic shorts designed to hang below the butt, I found a pair that might fit. Treasured, whole pants in hand, I made the trip to camp and a very grateful child met me at the front desk, followed by giggling Josh and a camp counselor trying to stifle her own snickers. He changed in the store room and emerged triumpant.

I'm going back to have lunch with him. I hope they're still in one piece!


nikki said...

Do you have to "ward of monkeys" often? Seems kind of dangerous.

Glad you are doing much better today. Damn hormones.

*red* said...

Now, if only you could give me this kind of story about, oh I don't know, your little brothers maybe? *snort!!*


Anonymous said...

Thank heavens you learned the proper way to ward off monkeys... it is almost monkey season! :)


ablondeblogger said...

Oh good! I just left a comment on your other post worried about you and I'm so glad to see in this post that you're feeling better. It will take time...just be patient (sorry for the pun, lol).

Hope your lunch went well!

Patience said...

You're a good mom!

karisma said...

hahahaaha Sweet Karma! At least he was smiling, poor baby, it must have been a bit embarrassing! Bless his little heart.