Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fruits of our Labors

Well, well, well. Just where have I been? It has been a while since my last "real" post, and I can tell you that I have NOT been idle.

For instance:
All Together Now
(DotnFL, Jerry, Cordie, Mom, Me, ZBoy - and the southern half of Kida)

We had guests at the farm a couple of weeks ago. DotnFL and her daughter Cordelia Naismith showed up with buckets of blueberries, bags of peaches and big hugs for everyone. Cordie was especially interested in seeing the mobile chicken coop that my dad had built - after all, she was the inspiration for it! See, she was reading Omnivore's Dilemma, talked about it on her blog, Mom bought it, Dad read it - and the result was the Eggmobile! Cordie finally got to see what she started!

Some pictures - This little feathery person kept coming to the feeder, but it had run dry. Dad finally refilled it and this was one happy little hummer!!!!! And I remember when I was that flexible!!! It's been a few years though...
At the feeder DS Knot

Kida and Deacon paid rapt attention to DotnFL as she picked blueberries.
What are they doing? Why can't we go?

We've had a little success with our plot too - we brought home these lovely eggplants from the farm. The cabbage (named Cabegee) was part of a project at ZBoy's school. It grew and grew and the more it grew, the more the slugs and snails found it attractive. They'd pretty much turned the leaves to lace when the stray pumpkin seeds from last fall's jackolantern sprouted and they turned their attention to the new kids in the bed. Except the pumpkins didn't agree with them and they disappeared. The pumpkin vines have been going great guns, trying to take over the driveway and the sidewalk. We've pulled out about half of the vine in this picture.
The fruits of our labors 100_0592
100_0594 100_0622
In the meantime, Wilbur's been standing guard over Cabegee and lo and behold - there's an actual head of cabbage in there! We may get to harvest something yet!

Oh, there's more, but it's late and I still seem to need lots of sleep. So I'm crashing now.

By the way - prayers, positive thoughts, healing vibes - all those things work. My blog buddy Nikki got good news from the doctor today and hopefully will be burning those miscarriage papers in celebration! Keep those good thoughts coming!


karisma said...

Hey! You're looking great! Love Z-boys efforts with the bunny ears that don't quite reach your head! Gotta love it! Those eggplants look yummy! I have not forgotten your parcel, kids are all home on holidays and we have not had a chance to get out to the shops. Its been quite the mad house around here this week.

Great news about Nikki, I am keeping up the healing thoughts and prayers. Hooray!

Me said...

You look good - I like what you got on! and Z-Boy - wow!!!
I don't think I have ever been able to do that - even as a kid. wow!!!
I want a farm now where I can eat fresh, yummy stuff....

nikki said...

You look amazing in the picture.

I don't think I've ever been that flexible. Also, I love eggplant. Yummmmmmm!

(Thank you for your amazing support! Big wet smooches!)

Patience said...

Nice pics! I especially like the dogs looking in the fence, as if they really wanna pick berries!

Glad things are going well for you!

Anna said...

Hummingbird? *jealous*

I'm with the other commenters, you do look good. :)