Sunday, July 27, 2008


ZBoy got a hold of the camera the other day and did a series of self-portraits. Don't bother to blow them up - they just turn into very blurry pink blobs.

IMG_3626 IMG_3627
Finally, I took the camera away from him and took the photos myself. Please note the improved quality of the pictures. They're mostly in focus, but the subject is still pretty silly.

IMG_3630 IMG_3638
IMG_3639 IMG_3640
Well... it made me laugh!


SwampAngel65 said...

I think every mom has pics like those. I know I have ALOT of them!

Make for good blackmail for the future...along with the obligatory "naked in the tub" shots :)

karisma said...

LOL! Yes we are guilty of this down here too! Even me! I got some nice clear ones of myself last week out in the bush, Not sure where they are though my dh deleted them off the camera!

Debs said...

LOL very cute!