Monday, July 28, 2008

You can tell

I recently read in our local newspaper that Publix has bought out two Albertsons stores and the Winn Dixie stores in our town. That means that our local grocery shopping choices will consist of... Publix.

Sure, there's a Sav-a-Lot (with generics), Harvey's (which has two locations in town - neither of which are convenient at all), and the Wal-Marts with grocery stores in them - again not really convenient.

September is the takeover date, but already things are changing.

I went shopping this evening. Almost all the bottom shelves were empty. Quite a few of the end-of-aisle displays were nothing but empty shelves.

Even the light was different, like no one was bothering to replace the burned out bulbs anymore.

Out of curiosity, I looked up at the ceiling and there were a few bulbs out, but not really enough to account for the change of atmostphere.

It was quiet. There were people in there doing their shopping, but it was almost as if they were shopping for coffins and urns - not food. And the musak was turned down low.

Depressing. I loved Albertsons. I love Publix, but somehow they've managed to mangle their stores. They change the layouts, narrow the aisles and don't have enough space for more than two closely passing carts at the end of the aisles. And don't get me started on the engineering of their parking lots. Accidents waiting to happen.

I asked one of the checkers what would happen to this store, seeing as there's actually a Publix only two blocks away.

There may be a ray of sunshine after all. Apparently this Albertsons is destined to become an organic foods store. If they can pull that off and do it without messing up the physical store itself, they can count on me as a customer.

If they can't... well, I guess it's gonna mean roadtrips to Harvey's or Wal-Mart.



*red* said...

It makes me think of that movie Demolition Man -- "In the future *ALL* restaraunts are Taco Bell".


grace said...

Publix bought out Winn Dixie in our neighborhood. Winn Dixie was too pricey for me, Publix is pricey too, but I love them, I even have a post about them, they gave me tonnes of coupons for my baby, and their stores are clean

Beckie said...

Our Albertsons was bought by another chain (can't remember the name - Save 0n or something like that) and it stayed an Albersons. Nothing changed - so weird.

HoosierGirl5 said...

I know WalMart has good prices, but I won't shop there. It's just too big and impersonal. I like my neighborhood Kroger.


nikki said...

I hate grocery shopping!

lisaschaos said...

Good news on the possibility of an organic food store near you but bad you'll have to go so far to get other foods. :(

karisma said...

Grocery shopping is depressing!

SwampAngel65 said...

I love Publix and the one near me is HUGE and always has like 12 cashiers with no waiting. It is so nice. It would be great to maybe get a Wild Oats or Whole Foods near you. Expensive, but fun and full of interesting things.

I just heard today that all Bennigans and Steak & Ales are closing (or have closed) permantently. Bummer. Where in the hell can I get a Monte Cristo now???

Anyway, don't despair. I'm sure the store will end up being something good and hopefully better than what it is now.