Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Answering Machine

I'm sitting at my desk working rather diligently on some promotions when my phone rings.

"Are you going sponge diving?"

"What?!?" Given the sometimes bumpy nature of marriage, I suppose it wouldn't be totally unrealistic that I would check out some kind of get away without telling him, but "WHAT?"

"Sponge diving... or quilt driving... or pinch-izing. Are you making plans to do that?"

"Well, other than sponge diving, I have no idea what you're talking about.... and no, I'm not planning on sponge diving... "

"Some woman named Becky called here, said this message was for YOU and was returning your call about whatever-it-was you called about."

Not ringing any bells here, so he played the message back for me. Three times. Our machine must be aging or her phone sucked, but I could see where DM might get the idea I was planning to go sponge diving. Finally, I figured out that the activity in question was "transcribing." But I still didn't call her about that or anything else. In fact, I had no idea who this person was.

I took down her number and her name and returned the call out of curiosity.

Turns out that there is someone ELSE in town, at the university, with MY rather unusual name! Her cell phone apparently was breaking up when she called Becky, but Becky got her name and hit the phone book. I assured her that I was not the "Sayre" in question and wished her luck.

Hmmmm.... I wonder who you would call about sponge diving?


nikki said...

Sponge diving is a very complex diving technique where you dive for sponges.

Make any sense?

Stop calling me a smart ass. I can hear you.

Anonymous said...

I've not done any sponge diving.

I gone Sponge Bobbing, on Nickelodeon.

Who lives in a pineapple, under the sea?


Well, actually, not John but SpongeBob Squarepants. I only visit for the jelly fishing. :)

Patience said...

Wow!! I haven't been sponge diving in years!! The only equipment is a Michael Phelps-type suit and a little Walmart bag to put the sponges in.

karisma said...

Well I have absolutely no idea! Who's calling Nikki a smart arse? Last time I checked she was not blonde! (I heard that was a blonde thing lately)

cinnkitty said...

Sponge diving? That's not the same as diving for oysters, right? I mean, at least with oysters you get a pearl. With a sponge, all you get is housework. Not a very fair trade off, I'd say!

Oh, and I'm really, really disturbed at the mental image of John running around singing the theme song to Spongebob Squarepants!!! ha..ha..ha...

Anonymous said...

Only because you haven't seen the costume.


cinnkitty said...

A costume???? Oh geez.....that makes it even worse! ha..ha.ha...