Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay, Fay, Go away...

We knew this day would come. We knew it two years ago when we sold our house in Wakulla. We knew it two weeks ago when a rather innocuous blob of clouds began making its way across the Atlantic. We knew it two days ago as Fay was lashing various island nations. We knew it two hours ago when Fay finally began moving west out of the Atlantic.

Storm's comin'!

As I drove to work this morning, I saw that the sandbag corner was in full swing.

The skies were overcast in a weird stripe-y kind of way and the air is heavy.

All week we've been running around like crazy at work. Our station is the statewide distribution point (satellite uplink) for the Emergency Management Office and I've witnessed lots of intense walks down the hallway to SOC (satellite operations center).

School started this week. School has been called off for tomorrow. First week of school is gonna be short. The kids are thrilled. The mommies are not. If you've never spent time cooped up with a kid during the rain, you wouldn't know. If you've never spent time cooped up with a kid during the rain with no power - well, that's a whole new circle of hell these days.

The latest track (as of 4pm) has Fay dipping out into the Gulf right at St. Marks sometime on Friday. Where we used to live is about 8 miles from there. Where we live now is about 30 miles from there. In a house. On a hill. Away from the coast.

Because we knew this day was coming.


nikki said...

Stay safe! Keeping my fingers crossed that fay disappears without any incidents!

Beckie said...

I was thinking about you this morning when I was listening to the weather. Stay safe and dry - oh, and sane.

cinnkitty said...

Oh my gosh.. you better start hording batteries for Zboys' Nintendo! ha..ha.ha..

"If you've never spent time cooped up with a kid during the rain with no power - well, that's a whole new circle of hell these days."


I'll be thinking about ya babe!

Hang in there. :)

Liane Michel said...

You AINT kidding!!!! Jessie is totally scared of storms.. especially tropical storms. When I heard that schools were closed tomorrow, I immediately emailed my boss to tell her I may not be in on Friday depending on the severity of the weather, because I knew she would not let me leave her alone at home. And sure enough, after she got home from school, she told me so over and over that I need to stay home.

SwampAngel65 said...

Fay. the storm that keeps on giving. Can you believe we are STILL getting bands?!?!? Hope it passes by you quickly and you have no damage. If you needa anything, let me know!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Ahh to have a house on an inland hill! We're 999 feet from the Bay(according to my insurance company - who now charges me more because it's less than 1,000 feet)14 years ago we wanted to be as close to the water as possible. For the last several years I've been dreaming of a house north of the Bay on a nice hill LOL

It's still pretty here. I don't think we'll get rain before tomorrow night.

Hope you have dry land and power in the house!

karisma said...

Ahhh! Get over it woman! I spend everyday "cooped up" with my kids! he he! Last year we spent four days "cooped up" with no power! Floods and powerlines down all over the place! Funnily enough! The first day was the worst! By the 3rd they had actually learned to cope! Shock horror! We were all in bed early (it was freezing), the worst part really was the trying to feed them all. No cooking in winter is no easy feat. Hence the reason this year when I installed a combustion heater, I got one with an oven underneath, just in case, you know?

Patience said...

Please go away, Fay!! But don't come to Texas!

judysteapot said...

thinking of you and your at this time, love Judyx

Anonymous said...

They just showed footage of the St. Marks, the Wakulla and downtown Tally, all under water.... We only got about 2 inches in 3 days. Wah!