Thursday, August 07, 2008

Green Threat

We have two places for laundry in our house. One is upstairs and the other downstairs. Both places are on the floor in the hall. Occasionally I try putting baskets there, or mesh sorters - but eventually it reverts back to the pile on the floor.

This morning, ZBoy was getting dressed for camp and for some reason had chosen jeans (hello? can you say 108 heat index?) that were a bit loose in the waist. I sent him upstairs for a belt, and moments later, he bellowed down the stairs that he couldn't find one. I promptly stomped upstairs to show him the belt hiding in plain sight when I actually realized he was wearing jeans. I retrieved a pair of shorts from a basket of clean, folded but not yet put away clothes in my bedroom and tossed them to him.

Standing in the hallway outside his room, Z shucked off the jeans into a little wad on the floor and kicked them towards the pile at the head of the stairs.

Me: "Are those jeans CLEAN?"

ZBoy: Head ducked - "yeah."

Me: "Then WHY are you putting them in the dirty clothes? Do you know how wasteful it is to wash clean clothes? It wastes water. It wastes electricity. It wastes time. You're killing the planet!"

ZBoy: "I'm sorry, Mom. I'll try to stop killing the planet..."


Andy said...

Look on the bright side...

At least he allows his clothes to be washed!
Remember those plaid Mann pants (gimme a break, it was the mid 70's) that I wore EVERY SINGLE DAY?
I fished them out of the hamper every time mom stuck them in there.

She actually had to throw away a pair of John's!

*red* said...

awwwwww... poor Zboy! ;)

nikki said...

Ken will put clothes in the dirty clothes pile when he's only worn them for a few minutes. Drives me BONKERS. I refuse to wash them again.

Liane Michel said...

In our old house the dirty clothes hamper was in the bathroom. Jessie would leave her dirty clothes in a pile next to the hamper no matter how many times I showed her how easy it was to open the lid and put them in.

In this place, the hamper is in the hall. So where does she leave her dirty clothes? On the floor of the bathroom.

karisma said...

The woes of laundry! Really I just don't want to go there! My love! A least the child is sorry! Thats all I can say. My oldest is the worst offender around here! Miss I am doing everything to be spiritual and all, I swear she changes her clothes 3 times a day and she uses ten towels.

lisaschaos said...

Zboy is just so sweet!