Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I don't believe I told you, but Darling Man tested for and got his green belt in KenPo. He's just a green stripe and three degrees of brown away from being a black belt. I don't know if he'll go that far - KenPo is rough on the body and he's already dealt with a fair number of bruises, bloody noses and other injuries.

ZBoy, on the other hand, announced yesterday that he thought he was ready to go back and do KenPo again. He stopped at the beginning of summer. I'd sensed a waning of interest and effort and told him that I wasn't willing to pay that much money for him to go goof around in class and pissing off the instructors (no, you really don't want to do that!). So he stopped going.

It was just as well. He had camp for about half the summer and would have missed a lot of classes anyway. But I think he actually misses the classes, misses the exercise, and misses the discipline. He's started doing jumping jacks and crunches on his own and tonight he was going over the moves he'd already learned with Darling Man to refresh himself.

I think he might be serious!


That girl said...

My son goes to karate too, and every summer we have the same problem, by this time he wants to stop going "for the summer" - problem is we need to give 30 days notice, and each time I ask him in july if he wants to continue, he's all gung-ho about it.

So, what usually happens is he misses august and I pay for it anyway :-(

Instead of pissing off the instructors, he just ends up pissing me off, lol.

Me said...

Congrats to the Darling man on his stripes!!!!

karisma said...


There's another thing no-one knows about me! I also did Karate for a while! I was one lesson off my green belt when I quit! I liked it but did not like sparring, preferred Kata! I would like to do Tai Chi instead but cannot find a local class.

nikki said...

I adore the cat picture. Got to love I can has cheezburger!

karatemom said...

yayyy karate...

speaking of karate..i finally uploaded a new photo..on my KMA blog ..check it out sometime.

SwampAngel65 said...

My oldest took tai kwon do for a few years, then got tired of it. Now my hub wants to put our 4 YO in classes. I think he's too little for it and I sure do not want to waste my money if he's not able to grasp it all yet!

Have you ever taken classes?