Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Power of Crazy

My son thinks I'm crazy.

I happen to agree.

Especially when he spent the better part of the night calling for me because he's scared of the shadows in his room (Note to self: no more Harry Potter before bed time).

So a very sleep-deprived mommy got up this morning, made breakfast, send hubby off to work the football game, and proceeded to remove every bit of furniture, every picture, every toy from the boy's room.

No shadows.

He, of course, was freaking out.

All that's left is a mattress and box spring. And a lamp.

Don't mess with an exhausted mommy's sleep.

UPDATE: I do go over the edge from time to time. Ironically, ZBoy actually LIKES his room with nothing in it! This should be a lot easier to keep clean too. He's been coughing a lot with the seasonal dust that's built up in his room (VERY hard to clean with all that stuff in there). I cleaned his ceiling fan, mopped the floors, vaccuumed the blinds and washed the bedding. And next weekend, if it's not raining, we're going to paint it. The dark green is quite classy looking, but I think it's too dark for a kid's room. Z has picked yellow to be his next color. Should brighten things up considerably!


Mrs. Really Long Name said...

Next time, send him in a FedEx to me - I am awake at these hours. I can't watch scary movies either.

Ari_1965 said...

I'm 43 and I'm still not entirely convinced there is no monster in the bedroom closet.

Anonymous said...

The bad ones are the ones that live under the bed. You can't see their shadows.

That girl said...

WOW - You are serious about your sleep, no question! LOL... that is ironic that he likes his room better this way.

Yellow is a bright sunny color for a kid's room, especially in a dark dreary winter (do you even get those kind of winters where you live?) said...

Hehheheheheh. Don't mess with a tired mommy.

karisma said...

Hmmm some shadows are all too real! Next time get in bed with him. You don't want those shadows hanging around for years.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I think that's HILARIOUS!!!! Go.go.cranky mommy powers! ;)