Friday, October 31, 2008

Tomorrow's the BIG Day!

I'm so excited!

Which is probably a very strange thing to say about something that will ultimately make you want to pull your hair out and pluck your bleeding eyeballs from their sockets - but there it is. I am excited.

Last Tuesday night we had our NaNo kickoff at a local coffee bar. It was cold and windy and they put us out on the patio, so you know that it was the hardiest of souls who not only showed up but then STAYED for hours! I find these kick-off functions quite interesting. The numbers are definitely up this year - about 15 people actually showed up and there were probably another 10 who couldn't make it due to classes or work or being out of town. It's a predominantly young crowd, college-aged, complete with nose rings and flowy jackets and afros. But there are older folks there too. My husband was probably the oldest at 55.

Mostly, the energy surrounding this event is the most impressive thing. We all show up with ideas sprouting out of the tops of our heads and after the initial introductions and instructions, the babble begins, arms waving and earnest eye contact as points are made and ideas tried out. New thoughts are born and incorporated into stories. It is very exciting!

In all, there are four people from my place of employment participating this year. It seems I may have started something. Hallway conversations have turned quite animated as we discuss fictional characters, settings, action.

Between November 1 and November 30, we will attempt to write 50,000 mostly coherent words and tell a story that makes sense. No-holds barred writing.

What a ride!


karisma said...

Good luck with that! I don't think I can commit myself! I have a little love for you at my place (and no its not the halloween post!)

BeeDancer said...

Weather up your way has been a bit brisk lately...Don't suppose that patio had outdoor heaters?

That's a major challenge you've taken on and I wish you good luck on it...Keep us informed on your progress

Nienke Hinton said...

Good luck!
Next time I visit your site you should be 1667 words ahead... or more while the novelty lasts... pun!

Beckie said...

Good Luck!!

karisma said...

Okay! This time I want emails of the text! I Want to READ what it is that you are writing! Last year I had to just listen to the after posts but really I want to know what it is all about! K?