Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In the Pink

I was talking to my mom this morning and mentioned the jacket that I bought at Ace Hardware this past weekend. "What?" she asked. "You buy your clothes at the hardware store?"

Actually, Ace has turned more into a general store rather than a strictly hardware store. They had to in order to stay in business. There are only three in my area (none close to me), so when I'm in the vicinity, I drop in and see what's there.

I bought a drain strainer basket (to catch dog hair in the shower - where I knew DM was going to wash the dogs later), a Coke Zero, and a jacket. It was one of those sweat-shirt material jackets with a hood on it and a zipper up the front. And it was pink.

I wore it to work today. First, DM commented. "Pink? You aren't a pink girl! Whatever possessed you to buy a pink jacket?"

Then a couple of the women at work asked about it.

Apparently no one thinks "pink" when they think of me.

I passed Chuck in the hallway and said hello, but all the way down the hall he was giving me the oddest look - like something was different but he couldn't figure out what it was.

Later I was standing in the hall trying to remember where I was going when Charles came out of his office and looked at me standing there, and said, "Did I see you in pink earlier today?"

I mentioned these wondering conversations to another co-worker, who said, "but you look good in pink! Why don't you wear it?"

Why indeed? Well I used to wear pink quite a bit. I had a couple of pink shirts that I loved and wore until they literally fell apart. But I think I was in my 20s then. In my 30s, I developed rosacea and I guess I figured that wearing pink would just make me too red. I don't wear red much either for the same reason.

And frankly, I don't have a "pink" personality. Not much girly about me. I don't do jewelry, dresses or heels unless it would be rude not to. I wear a lot of blue and black and brown. Some green. But not white, pink or yellow.

Apparently I am quite scary to some people. Fierce. Silent. Intimidating. I've got that "cop walk" so that even the muggers think twice about accosting me. How else did I manage to walk freely around Washington DC and NYC after dark, alone, and never been robbed or even approached?

No. I'm not pink.

But perhaps I should wear it more often.


Island Rider said...

Too funny. I bought a pink vest at the feed store with a fake fur collar. So completely out of character for me, not a pink girl or fur collar girl even if it is fake. But, I love that jacket! I will have to check out our ace hardware for clothes, too!

BeeDancer said...

I wear black more than anything else, but every once in a while I break out something in purple or lavender...and it always brings comments...since i'm pretty much a comfort over style person myself, i guess i never think of people noticing my clothes...good for you for surprising folks

Sandcastle Momma said...

It's funny that you wearing pink has everyone looking at you LOL
Maybe you should try big purple polka dots one day just for the reaction LOL

I wear a lot of pink - not because I'm a girlie girl (not even close) but because I have an odd coloring and anything earth toned makes me look half dead.

nikki said...

Hey, pink is cool as long as you're not wearing a tutu.

I love fleece like sweatshirt jackets. So comfortable.

Jan said...

Keep 'em off-balance, Sayre. I think it's a good idea, however you accomplish it.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Pink ROCKS!!! (says the red head who shouldn't be caught dead in pink but wears it loud and proud anyway) :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes showing up out of character is good for your self esteem, as well as keeping other folks off balance.