Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Scare Update

I could kill that doctor. He's much more interested in hearing himself talk than actually examining someone. I did not take K to the doctor - her husband finally stepped up to the plate. Since that's so rare, I stepped back and let him do the right thing.

However, I did check in on her as she was going to the pharmacy to pick up the pain pills he finally prescribed for her for the goose-egg on her head.

So what caused her to pass out in the first place?

Apparently she is severely dehydrated. She was advised to drink gatorade or powerade and lots of water, to eat more food with higher water content.

He did not listen to her chest, take her blood pressure, look in her eyes or examine the bump on her head.

I need to end this soon because I've got a whole rant on incompetent doctors getting ready to explode here, and one of my targets is much beloved (for some unknown reason) by one of my readers. I don't want to go there. I need to let it go. K is a big girl and she's in charge of her own medical stuff. Not me.

God, I am such a control freak.

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karisma said...

Hence the reason I avoid doctors like the plague! A good one seems to be far and few between these days!