Saturday, December 20, 2008

Early Girls

Okay, not so early, actually. We had to get our various children off to school before meeting for breakfast on Friday.

We started out as a book club, which evolved to a movie group (chick flicks and Harry Potter mostly). Sometimes we go out to lunch but it's rare that we all get together at the same time.

Friday we pulled off breakfast - a little celebration of the season and of being friends. I suggested this little restaurant that Darling Man and ZBoy discovered a couple of years ago. They do breakfast and lunch and we've been regulars there for a long, long time. They serve great food, and the service is like going home to Mom's.

Jenn's breakfast smiles! Tasha & Jenn
Jenn's breakfast smiled at her and she smiled right back! Tasha's pulling out gifts for us - butter knives with stones wired to them. They are beautiful! And definitely not something that would occur to me. She must have seen those and thought "Oooo... those are gorgeous!" They are!

Betsy & Suzanne Kim and Tasha
With these people, there are always stories. Work stories. Kid stories. House stories. Parent stories. And we are comfortable enough to tell them. And listen to them. And laugh - gosh, how we laugh. It was a very lucky thing there were no nose-sprays of hot chocolate - it was VERY hot! And good. When Jenn's arrived, I informed Cindy the waitress that I needed one too!

Suzanne fueled up for a very busy day. She's not coming to work next week, but had last minute stuff to tend to and is moving offices. She had to empty the one she's moving to, pick paint colors, and box up her own office. That makes for a busy day!
I'm a bit of a hermit, you know. I don't have many friends. A few. but not many. I count myself lucky to have these people in my life. They make me laugh and smile nearly every day. We help each other with work stuff, bounce ideas, vent. Yes. I'm lucky.


grace said...

I want that sausage so bad, it looks sooo yummy

movin' down the road said...

shoot. I need breakfast now but it's 9pm!