Monday, December 29, 2008

Finishing up Christmas with some more photos

Our final stop on Christmas day was at my BIL Joe and his wife Rita's house for Christmas dinner. Rita pulled it all together on her own and it was wonderful!

As usual, there was the sitting around and visiting part...

ZBoy crouched low to get a picture of Roscoe - the dog, while playing with his new camera.

Zplays with the camera

Kelly was home from the Air Force Academy. Kylee always gravitates towards her when she's around - and Kelly gravitates right back!

Kylee & Kelly6

Of course, this should be a classic picture - Kylee and her mom, Patty share a quiet moment.

Kylee and her Mom

There was also, finally, the great unwrapping. Pop got what he wanted for Christmas and ZBoy generously wrapped up one of his toy police cars for his brother Kurt.

Pop Kurt

I was pretty surprised to see Kurt had shaved his head again. He looks really good with hair, but finds it itchy, uncomfortable and hot. Hmmmm... perhaps I should shave MY head!

Helen, Kylee, Z

My mother-in-law, Kylee and Zach all got presents to open.

All in all, I'd say this was a pretty good Christmas. I hope that next year I will have a little more of the joyful Christmas spirit and a little less of the worry and exhaustion that went with this one.


Gattina said...

In all these Christmas posts I enjoy the fact that we all look the same when we are unwrapping the gifts under the Christmas tree, lol ! There is really no border !
If nobody wants to host Fun Monday next week I volonteer ! Just let me know !
Happy New year to you !!

swampy said...

Whew! I don't want to sound like a "Bah-Humbug-Witch" or anything, but I glad it's over...Now, I just wish someone would come over and put away all the decorations.

SwampAngel65 said...

Looks like you guys had a very nice Christmas, but I agree with Swampy! Glad it's over and the thought of packing everything back up...well, I'm dreading it. When I was little, we had a friend who had a pretty live tree and it wasn't dying, so she left it up until it did. At Easter, it was STILL in her living room, STILL decorated with Christmas ornaments. Crazy, but kinda cool at the same time.

Hope y'all have a healthy and happy New Year!

nikki said...

I got so sick of Christmas shopping this year that I informed all adult family members that next year I'm not buying them presents and instead will be making a donation to a charity in their name.

wendster said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog! Of course you can add me as a read. Your blog looks super cool as well. I love that you have red headed offspring like me. And if Nikki knows you, you've got to be cool.

Happy New Year! Thanks for the fly lady advice. Do you know that someone suggested her a few years ago and I resisted the advice ... a lady named FLY lady is going to advise me on how to clean my home? I don't think so. Nah ... I don't know why I blanched at the notion of going to the site ... I guess I just wanted to figure it out myself.

I agree with you ... it sure is hard to WANT to clean the house when you are the ONLY one who wants the house clean, or is willing to dedicate any time to it.

OK. I'm rambling. I am distracted by the sound of Super Mario and my children arguing on what "let me see" means ... which we both know means "give it to me" ... argument ensuing. Sigh.

Enough out of me. Back to resolution planning and house cleaning. I really WOULD like to start the year with a clean house.

Nice to meet ya.


karisma said...

Geez that Wendy talks more than me! I must go and visit her! LOL!

I just love the shots of Z with his Camera and Kylie with her mama! Precious! You are so lucky having a grand-daughter already! Especially as she gets to grow up with Z! How lovely for both of them.

Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true (the good ones of course!) always, L xxxxx