Saturday, January 31, 2009

Master Bath is DONE!

When we bought this house, we knew that there was a lot we wanted to do to it. And we had priorities. Making the downstairs presentable was the first thing to do. The walls were painted, a new floor put in the diningroom and the bathroom down there was redone.

It was when I redid the downstairs bath that I realized the wallpaper was hiding things. So the next item on the list was the master bath.


This is what it looked like when we first looked at the house. The toilet was a veritable rocking chair with one of those hideous squishy seats. Yes - when it was time to do some serious work upstairs (not painting), this room was going to get it first.

Old MB

I began by starting to pull off wall paper. It came off all too easily, which means it wasn't put up properly in the first place. Please note the stylish sink, faucet and the "retro" medicine cabinet.

Old MB

We'd had some work done on the tub faucets in both bathrooms because they were leaking from day one. The plumber knocked out the tile because he had to replace the fixture all the way back to the pipes, so we had gaping holes on both sides of the wall. The bathrooms back up to each other and share the same pipe space, so it was like a little window through to the other bathroom. We covered the holes up with duct tape and garbage bags until we could figure out what to do. Finally, we decided to hire John the Drunk Across the Street to patch the holes. He did a pretty good job! But Darling Man wanted to do the tiling himself, just getting JtD to cut the tiles and/or drill them. So we lived with the baths like this for a while.

New tile

One day, we were sitting in the family room when DM said, "I think I want to replace that last toilet in the master bath."

I jumped right on it, saying that once the old one was out, we should pull the wall paper off the walls and paint behind where the toilet would be. Of course it grew from there, to why-don't-we this and why-don't-we that, until we finally decided to just redo the whole thing and get it over with.


The new toilet is a thing of beauty. And DM pulled all the wall paper down, as well as that old medicine cabinet and took the vanity out. The rest was up to me.

New Bathroom!

The finished product from the doorway.

New Bathroom

New vanity, faucet, mirror, light fixture and a shelf were installed. DM helped with the light.

New Bathroom

I really like this toilet paper thing. It holds three rolls of paper, plus an in-use holder above. I didn't really want to drill into my new vanity, and this solved the problem quite handily.

As I finished up, Darling Man called me down to dinner. A couple of days ago, he caught this beauty:


We had his parents over for baked redfish last night, and tonight he did terriyaki redfish with ramen noodles and salad. Mmmmmmm...

Now I just need to finish cleaning up my "staging area". Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?



Island Rider said...

ooh, I like those colors! Beautiful!

HoosierGirl5 said...

I love the blue and green together! Very soothing and yet bright and peppy! So YOU!

Can you do MY bathroom? Please?


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Sayre... nicely done! :)


Floridacracker said...

That looks fantastic. Good job!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Freaking AWESOME babe! I love, love, LOVE the green/blue combo you did. You rock!

Mrs. Really Long Last Name said...

First of all , you ROCK. That looks great!!!

My old townhouse had the 1/2 bath in those colors. I love it!

I don't like fish, but that's impressive!

And as soon as I read the word "redfish", I now have the saying "One fish, two fish, redfish, bluefish" stuck in my head. AAAAACCCCKKKKKK....

Liane Michel said...

I love that bath!! The colors are great but I especially love the mirror and the faucet.

I double-dog dare you to submit some pics to HGTV's Rate My Space web page.

Janis said...

Great remodel job. Love the colors bright and cheery.

Patience said...

Hey! Who left the seat up?!?

Looks nice . . .

The Church Lady said...

Your remodeled bathroom looks great! I'll bet you just want to sit in there and read all day!! It looks so bright and clean!

Killi said...

I had to redo (get redone) my bathroom here ~ pictures somewhere on my blogspot blog before blogger took away my picture adding tools. Still got 1/3 house to renovate, then the garage (studio as I don't drive) & the outbuildings.

Great work on yours