Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two Year Marathon

It's been a gloriously cool, clear north Florida winter day. The low last night was in the 20s and by the time I got into work, it had warmed up to freezing.

My kind of weather!

After picking ZBoy up from school today, we went out to WalMart to try and find some stuff to dress my fixed up bathroom with (once I've finished it). Didn't find one thing that I liked! Amazing. Will have to check out Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond. Or use the shower curtain from the other bathroom.

When Z and I got home, I made dinner and on impulse, decided to take Kida for a walk around the neighborhood.

It's been a long, slippery slope from the holidays. Little overindulgences turned into regular ones. Yes, I gained a bit of weight back. I've also lost a little, but not nearly enough to make either me or my doctor happy. He wanted me to do a modified Atkins, but I just can't hack it. I am back to making better choices - today I had soup and half a sandwich for lunch AND we walked to and from the restaurant. So mentally, I was already primed to do something.

Kida and I started out up our gentle hill, and as we rounded the corner near the top, I started jogging.

There was no thought involved - it just happened. And something else happened. I felt lighter than air. It was amazing! I did it for about 45 seconds, then I slowed to a walk, but I was thrilled. Kida was thrilled. Something besides plodding along in the dark! We walked for a few minutes while I caught my breath (it's been a while since I did real exercise), then we did it again! Oh my!

Oddly enough, in all the years my doctor has been seeing Fat Me, he's always thought of me as a long distance runner. He says that's just how he's always seen me. And suddenly, the possibility seems real. I loved those two little jogs. I want to do it again - and again. Until I'm jogging for the whole "walk". Then maybe running.

I mentioned it on my Facebook - and my friend Alice in Wonderbread saw it. She had been planning to run in a race this spring, but a serious burn cancelled those plans. But the yearning is still there. Obviously, it will take me a while to actually learn how to run without hurting myself, and she asked if I'd be interested in doing a marathon in a couple of years.

YES! New York and Boston are pretty crowded and over popular, so we thought about where we wanted to go and picked a race based on that.

Come May 2011, I should be writing about running my first marathon in Vermont - at age 49. Wouldn't that be something? The thought amazes and thrills me like you wouldn't believe.

Alice recommends the Jeff Galloway run/walk method. I need to check out his book, MARATHON!

I can't wait to get started!


karisma said...

Can you send me a little of that freezing please? I am melting down here! Wouldn't it be nice if we could just all have a happy medium where the weather is concerned? That would be nice!

Good luck with the running/jogging, Im so lazy I will stick to walking!

nikki said...

You can do it! I can't run due to knee issues, but I plan on starting back up my walking after Soph comes. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

More good news... with our genetics, running makes us drop weight very fast. Not treadmill, not elyptical, but running.

Go get 'em, Sis! :)


PinkPiddyPaws said...

I think you can TOTALLY do this and I applaud you for having such an amazing goal. :)

Now.. stop trying to talk me into it..ha.ha..ha.. I hate running!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you're off to a good start. I keep looking out the window and thinking I should at least walk to the mailbox - but then I send one of the kids instead LOL
Good luck and I'm rooting for you!

Kila said...

I'm simply impressed that you're a mom and you can run! (I used to run, but can't since having the kids. I do love a long walk.)