Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fun Monday - The Place Where You Live

Pamela, whose dust has been hanging around for some time (apparently), is our host for this week's Fun Monday! Her challenge?

Show me in pictures or tell me in words what defines the place where you live.

Well, since Wikipedia seems to define the world for us, follow the link to see what THEY have to say.

This is a small exerpt. You will see why I pulled this out to highlight it in a minute:

Tallahassee is noted for its hilly terrain, and the state capitol is located on one of the highest hills in the city.

Pines, magnolias and a variety of oaks are the dominant trees. Of the latter, the Southern Live Oak is perhaps the most emblematic of the city.

I was born here. I've lived here most of my life. We have marvelous attractions for those who keep nature close to their hearts, museums, a bit of culture, a lot of legislature, and for the most part, good people. But to live here is to know Tallahassee for mostly this:


Okay, pictures can't do it justice. I tried several times and this one was the closest to showing what I wanted you to see.

Big trees. Rolling hills. It all sounds very beaucolic - and LOOKS that way too. I mean, what's not to like about "rolling hills"? We even have an apartment complex with that name.

Ever since I decided to strap on the running shoes, I've been looking at my little piece of the world a little differently. Rolling hills are lovely and gentle when you're riding a long on four wheels - or even two. But when you're walking them, it can be a different story. The pictures are deceptive. Because OUR rolling hills are made out of clay, their up and down-ness is a bit more... up and down. Even when you're walking them, you think it's a nice long, gentle slope, but NO!!! By the time you get to the top, you're huffing and puffing and your legs are all a-quiver and you're thanking God that there's a downhill side to all of this. Except downhill is nearly as difficult as the uphill side - gravity is helping you every step of the way and your hamstrings let you know it.

So maybe now you can understand my consternation when I read of a half-marathon race I was thinking about doing in a year or so. This is part of the racecourse description:

Described by past participants as a beautiful course with plenty of fresh air and rolling hills, the race takes runners along a loop course through the 13,000-acre resort’s neatly manicured gardens, bicycle trails and woodlands. The hills can be challenging in some spots, but the abundant scenic beauty helps take your mind off any difficult uphill and downhill stretches.

Gentle rolling hills my foot.

At least I can get plenty of practice around here!

Go visit Pamela and see what defines everyone else's neck of the woods.


HoosierGirl5 said...

I discovered the same thing when I went back to walking. It's amazing how steep the most innocent of inclines looks when you have to WALK it, instead of coast your car up it.

Beautiful picture.

Have a great Monday.

Jan said...

Great post and I have to agree about "rolling hills". We have almost no flat areas here, so everything is more of a workout.

Molly said...

Your rolling hills are lovely. I have never been to Tallahassee. In fact, the parts of Florida that I have visited seem rather flat. I hear you about the exercise. Even a slight slope is challenging for these old legs.

Pamela said...

something I didn't know. I want to come to Florida so badly!!

I'll let you walk/run those hills.

I'm going on a tour bus (:

Wonderful post!

karisma said...

Now thats my kinds of road! I love riding on the motor bike through the country with all the trees hanging over the road like that! (Running is not for me! Im lazy! LOL)

Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful.....oh so beautiful. And serene!!

My Fun Monday is posted, I do hope you can stop by!

nikki said...


Janis said...

That is a beautiful serene photo, but I hear you about the gently rolling hills. It can get quite difficult when you are running and start to go uphill, takes it outta ya! My stepdaughter lives in Pensacola Fl, the panhandle is very different from the rest of the state.

Karmyn R said...

I'm only laughing because I live around rolling hills and just the slight incline gets me huffing and puffing too!

It does look beautiful there.

LadyStyx said...

I'd take the rolling hills anyday to be honest. The area Im in is flat for the most part and loaded with restaurants, businesses and strip malls. I shouldnt complain though, one state I lived in for 6 years had a high point of a speed bump in a parking lot. If you stood on it, you ~might~ break sea level.

The Church Lady said...

I didn't think there were any rolling hills in FL. Keep pressing forward and before you know it, that rolling hill will seem like flat ground!

Peter said...

It does look beautiful Sayre, but its very much like a couple of photos in my bushfire post, the views were beautiful there too if you take away the fire.
Thanks for your visit and comments.

Faye said...

Wise woman, Sayre! Beautiful scenery will not make you forget rolling hill challenges--I know because my buddy and I were promised that in England. You'll do it though. And just think how smug you'll feel when you have this half marathon under your belt.

I had mentioned a southern capitals walk that I was signed up for in March. Tallahassee is one of our walk days. I'd love to meet you but I don't think we're overnighting there--on to Baton Rouge. When I get final itinerary will confirm.