Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Joys of Running

Nope... this one is not about me!

A year and a half ago, Kida came to live with us. She's part shepard and part whippet (we think) - at any rate, she's a running dog. She's fast and happy when she runs (she's my hero).

Darling Man was thrilled. He used to take Nikki and Beryl out for bike ride/runs and had missed having a canine bike companion. Kida was a dream come true.

Then, along came Revan. Bless his heart, he loves to run too, but he is NOT a running dog. He's very large, heavy boned and slow. He overheats quickly. And his pads just can't take the punishment, so he limps for a few days after a long run. Darling Man has to make sure there's a good clear lake or stream when he takes Revan because he needs it for cooling down.

What Revan is is a swimming dog. He's got webbed feet and jumps right in with no hesitation. Kida had to be seriously coaxed the first time she went in and then she got out as soon as she could. On lake breaks, Kida wades around in the shallows and Revan swims across the lake and back.

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into one of the dog rides. It makes me smile! (that tawny blur would be Kida...)


HoosierGirl5 said...

I love happy dogs.

Stop by my blog - you have been given an award.


Anonymous said...

They all three seem to be having a blast. I am so glad that the weather is cooperating. I got major gardening work done this week.

nikki said...

Dude, look at all that sun. I forgot what the sun looked like.

Cute doggies.

Island Rider said...

So where is that lovely bit of paradise? Looks like fun!

Patience said...

RUN! I gotta RUN!! I don't know where I'm going! But I gotta RUN!!!