Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More of what I need

Ha! I finally figured out that "name of person" needs meme. Finally, REAL results!

Sayre needs a cold shower and self-esteem.

Sayre needs to get her life back.

Sayre needs your manly vote.

Sayre needs more love lyrics.

Sayre needs to hand him one of those weapons that went off without warning.

Sayre needs sponsors to compete.

Sayre needs a band.

Sayre needs a miracle.

Sayre needs batteries.

Sayre needs to lean on her man.

I like that weapons one... very funny!


nikki said...

I need to get this dang baby out of me.

Sayre needs batteries...hahahahhahahhahahah! Okay, I can't help it, my mind's in the gutter.

margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Heehee! I've seen this on a number of blogs but haven't done it myself. Guess I'm kinda afraid of what Google would tell me that Margaret needs :-) TGIF!