Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sniff... sniff... Wipes a tear

I am touched.

Rarely does the world acknowledge your place within it, even a little bit. There are the general acknowledgments like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day - even your birthday, which is lovely but not unique. I actually have a birthday twin at work (**waves** hi, Jenn!). Every once in a great while there's a promotion or a raise to recognize a job well done.

But a personal recognition of this magnitude is very rare indeed. I debated about sharing it with you as it is very personal and the person doing the recognizing is a private person. But she's also a very special person, whom I love though I've never met her. In spite of our differences, we have lots of common ground. Much of what she says about me, I could say about her. So I will share this so that perhaps you can be inspired to reach out and acknowledge someone else's special place in your own life.

Believe me, it means a lot.

Thank you, Alice. You made my day and my week and you inspire me in ways you can never know. I appreciate having you in my life as well!


karisma said...

Awww! That was very nice, a lovely tribute to a lovely person. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Funny how a few words spoken to you or about you (good ones) can make you feel so very special through some one else's eyes and heart.

Thinking of you.

Bobbie Leigh said...

That's so nice! Doesn't it make you feel good when someone goes out of their way to give you compliments? I love it!