Saturday, April 25, 2009

Allergy Season makes a comeback

For the past week, my boy has been hacking and sneezing and blowing his nose at night. It's not so bad during the day, which made me think that perhaps his room was causing his troubles.

ZBoy is 10 next week. And like all 10-year old boys, he has a serious aversion to picking things up and putting them away.

I don't go into his room to clean if there's stuff all over the floor. I can't vaccuum in there and I am not going to be his maid. If he can't pick it up, I won't clean.

I went into his room this morning. It was relatively picked up (though there was danger of an avalanche when closet doors were opened. It was also literally covered in hair, cedar shavings, dust and general ick. I guess the cats have been sleeping on the bed because the sheets were pretty hairy too.

So I pulled everything out of the closets, Goodwill'd about half of it, organized the rest into boxes. Stripped the bed and washed everything. Cleaned the ceiling fan, cleaned inside the closets (wow - dusty!!!) and vaccuumed the hell out of everything.

It took 12 hours.

I'm a little sore now. Carrying all that stuff downstairs and out of the house will wear on you a little. And I'm really tired. And my nose is a bit hurty.

ZBoy just thanked me for the 10th time.

I'm going to take some Aleve and go to bed.

UPDATE: He went to bed, made NO noise and slept until nearly 9am very heavily. I don't think he's been getting enough good sleep with all that stuff in his air. I hope we see a little improvement in his attitude now that he can sleep!


Janis said...

I hope ZBoy is feeling better now that his room is spic n span. I too suffer from allergies and know first hand how miserable it makes you feel. Hope your soreness goes away soon. Your a good MOM!

Pamela said...

I cough at night more, too.
I've attributed it to the way the air settles low and brings all the stuff floating up there, to down here. sigh

Maybe I just need to clean my room heh heh

Swampy said...

Ah-Choo !
Cough !
Hack !
Did someone mention our-gees?

Island Rider said...

Note to Z boy: Mother's Day is May 10. Hint! Hint!

Liane Michel said...

I'm glad he's breathing better.

I understand the soreness! After a weekend of pulling, planting, and mulching, my muscles are making sure I know how much they are displeased with my activity.

MommyWizdom said...

Wow, you're an amazing mom! I'm so glad he thanked you instead of getting all upset that you were in his room. Hope he can keep it clean for a little while this time.

Have a great week!!


margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Awww...I use 2 different allergy meds AND I get shots, and I vacuum the heck out of everything regularly...and it just barely keeps things under control. Boo to allergies. Hope you are all doing better. Remember, housework counts as a workout ;-)