Monday, April 06, 2009

Fun Monday - Summer Schemes

My buddy Patience is hosting Fun Monday this week and she wants to know:
How I'll Spend My Summer Vacation!
Y'know, it's getting on to that time of year. Everyone's already thinking of what they'll be doing on their summer vacation. So, let's hear about it already!!

Plans! I've got PLANS! Of course, who knows whether or not they'll come to fruition. Life has a way of throwing curveballs...

What I'd like to do:
Renovate the final bathroom.
Take a week's vacation out to Hueco Tanks to go camping and show my son some of the west.
Have my training program for the Vermont City Marathon 2011 in high gear.
Start riding my bike to work a couple of times a week / telecommute a couple of times a week.
Help my mom get her house de-cluttered and begin simple renovation of her kitchen.

What will probably really happen:
Weekend camping trip to local state park.
Renovation of kitchen instead of bathroom because the stove is dying (40 years old) and it's a built in so replacing it is a major deal. May as well do everything else too!
Drive my car everyday.
Get the wall paper off the kitchen at Mom's then go back months later and paint...

Still, dreaming about summer time is a pretty nice pasttime!!! Thanks for getting me started, Patience!


Lil Mouse said...

my parents still have rooms with insulation just in the walls from years ago. no biggie. of course i wouldnt sugggest letting those go for years... but others are much worse!

The Church Lady said...

At least you have goals! Take it one goal at a time!

Hoosier Girl said...

Hey you forgot: Visit J. and Steven in Louisville or welcome them as they road-trip through Florida sometime this summer!!!

Shoot for the stars, baby!!!


Sayre said...

Lil Mouse: When I redid the bathroom downstairs, it was started and sat for six months with nasty, holey walls before I figured out what to do about them. Now I try to have everything nailed down before I start.

Church Lady: I've become a big list-maker in recent years. It really helps me accomplish things.

HoosierGirl: Well, I thought THAT went without saying!!!!

Mariposa said...

We usually do our renovations few months before Christmas...but now, you make me think about my bathroom! LOL

And I wish we have something like your state park there to go camping to on a short plan notice...

Have a great week...

Gattina said...

That's life, lol ! 20 years later it will be better, look at me !

Patience said...

Hueco Tanks! Is that in Big Bend??

We were in B.B. several years ago, and my husband goes back periodically with his hiking buddy.

margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Aww Sayre...I know what you mean about what you'd like to do, vs. what you will probably do. Dreams keep us from going nuts, I think :-)

Jientje said...

Renovating the kitchen is a good plan? At least I would think so!

Liane Michel said...

Having a lot of goals to accomplish in a set timeframe can be overwhelming.

Pick one goal. Accomplish it. Wash, rinse, repeat.