Monday, April 06, 2009


It never fails. Every three months, I get slammed with reports that need to be done, and some oddball thing goes awry.

This quarter's weirdness was the tornado last Thursday night which killed my work computer. There are documents in there that I need (for doing these reports), but which are giving IT Ron a rough time. He thinks my computer hates him. He may be right.

So there's another computer sitting in his office now, waiting to be loaded with all the stuff I need to do my job - but I can't really DO my job without my computer. I can do the daily stuff at home and print it out in Master, but for the other stuff, I need a certified computer (Nielsen), and the documents that were living in my old computer (quarterly reports). Thank goodness I got the Sprout stuff done last week!

So after I did what I could elsewhere in the building, I started thinking about my workspace - and decided to change it around. Mostly because working with the computer and hooking things up was such a pain in the position the desk was in, I decided to move it so that the back side was exposed.

But first, there was lots of stuff to weed through and toss out.

Before I started shoving furniture around. The only thing I'd done at this point was pull the old ink cartridges out of the corner and hang my bluejean jacket picture up.

Oh, and I guess I'd already moved the table out from the wall and put the big bookcase in the corner. You wouldn't believe the pile of stuff I set outside my door for the janitors to haul away.
They probably hate me now.
Tomorrow, I am promised my computer (which is good because the Nielsen report is DUE tomorrow). And I'll have my office finished. Pictures to come.


margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Oh dear!! I hope your computer is back in working order, and that this concludes the Quarterly Nuttiness.

I think your office is nice! Love the blue walls and border. My cubicle is decorated in Early Sickly Green with a dash of Dirty Beige and genuine Staples-issue Fabric Walls.

Bobbie Leigh said...

Wow, it looks like you are being kept busy!!

That girl said...

I bet the janitors love times like these, you think they hate you but I bet they walk away with a lot of cool free stuff that other people toss out.

I have a friend who does the recycling in town, and he has sooo much stuff, including TV's and microwaves and such that are in working order, but people tossed out.

They may be happier than you think to 'get rid' of your stuff for you :-)


grace said...

Sayre, thanks for asking, yes, I did manage to go to the funeral, I left my family here coz it is too expensive, it was sad but I was glad that I was able to go and be with my daddy and three siblings and say bye to Mom. I just came back yesterday (wed) thanks for thinking of me, we are hanging in there

PinkPiddyPaws said...

It's AMAZING how important *our* computers are, huh? :)