Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun Monday - The Tracks of My Tears

Mariposa is hosting this week and wants to know:

Let's talk about TEARS. What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘tears’? Have you ever had tears of laughter and tears of joy? When was the last time you had tears of joy? Tears of laughter? Tell us about it!

Ah, crying... a near-daily part of my life now. I have discovered that it is a very good stress reliever. Every couple of days, I play back a "Touched by an Angel" episode and really cry when the story gets to the bit where the angel reveals him/herself. By the end, my eyes are dry and I'm ready to start my day.

I am also very familiar with tears of joy and laughter. When my whole family gets together, there are invariably both kinds. My brothers can make me curl up on the floor howling with laughter (the sponge story still makes me tear up it was so funny!).

And of course, our pets are good for all kinds of laughter and tears. They are so sweet, so loving, and so kooky.

When my parents moved to the farm, they toyed with the idea of getting a dog, but somehow it never happened. Then one day, my brother A called. A fellow police officer was having a baby and there was no room in her apartment or in her time anymore for the 11 month old German Shepard she owned. She wanted to make sure he went to a good home, and A knew just where that dog was needed.

Deacon came to live at my parents' house and quickly became a much loved member of the family. He was also known as "Uncle Dog" because he was our fur brother. When Dad decided it was time to try raising chickens, Deacon was fascinated. He learned quickly that chasing the chickens was not acceptable, but letting them ride around on his back was.

He was patient with the kids and sat through concerts he might not have otherwise chosen to attend.

He loved riding around in the golf cart, and when everyone else was picking blueberries, he supervised from the shady seat.

Deacon & Kida

He was a good playmate for Kida. When she came out to the farm with us, they would race around like maniacs. Kida was faster, but she would slow down so Deacon could catch her. After they wore each other out, they'd have a drink out of the birdbath...


then retire to the laundry room to hang out under the ceiling fan.


Sometimes, I think his favorite thing was riding around in the golf cart with ZBoy driving. If Kylee happened to come along, they would all squish into the seat together. And more than once, Nosy the chicken would perch on the back and they'd ALL go riding around together. That picture in my mind has brought tears of laughter many times.


This was Deacon's usual expression - a big, goofy dog-smile. Tongue ALWAYS hanging out.

Saturday night, my parents went to see a play. And while they were gone, Deacon decided to go visiting - probably to the dogs across the highway. Across the highway was the problem. He was hit by a car, and when my parents got home, he was lying by the side of the road.

He was too heavy for my dad to lift, so in the morning, he got up early, dug a grave in the pasture, then called his friend John to come help him move Deacon. They got the job done and Dad made him a marker.

He carefully routed his name into a piece of wood and nailed his collar and tags to it.

I spent yesterday afternoon at the farm. And there were tears. Different kinds of tears. Tears of laughter recalling the time Deacon (who had an unfortunate fondness for chicken poop) actually caught a chicken and proceeded to clean its backside up. Tears of joy at having had that magnificent animal in our lives. And tears of grief because a big hole has been left in our family.

It is said that people who have loved greatly will love again. That will be the case here. Already my mom is wondering if it's possible to get another dog from the same bloodline. Because a sweetness like Deacon's is in the blood.


Lil Mouse said...

aw shit, you had to go ahead and make me cry. damn. well, I am very sorry for your loss. I completely understand the feeling.. sigh.

nikki said...

Damn sam, nothing like crying on a Monday morning.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my god....I'm bawling.

Deacon was much loved. It's so hard for those left behind. But he graced the lives of those he loved.

Gattina said...

So sad that he was run over. Must have been terrible for the whole family. I cried when my last cat died after 20 years of commun life, but I didn't cry at my father's funeral. There I had no tears.

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about Deacon. I know he will be missed as any of our fur babies are.


Anonymous said...

You also have me crying, and please allow me to explain why. While I am anonymous on here, I was not anonymous to Deacon. That is because he was a birthday present from my new bride. We brought Deacon home when he was 5 weeks old. He lived with us until we found out that we were having a son and we could not give Deacon the time he justly deserved. From the 8 pound fur ball to the puppy he was when he left I loved and cared for him, and he for us. I wished so much that I would have been able to see him again. When my wife told me he had been killed I felt a piece of me die too. Thank you so much for the pictures and memories, I always knew he was loved by your family and it is calming to see how great that love was.

Anonymous said...

I was doing OK until I saw the picture of Deacon's grave.

Now there's something in my eye...


Janis said...

Oh such a sad story, Deacon brought you tears of laughter and joy so I know you will remember how special he was. Thanks for sharing sniff sniff.

Sayre said...

I have to say that I was totally caught off guard by the grief that I feel at the loss of this dog. He wasn't even my dog. But I keep thinking about the last time I was out at the house to paint and every time I came out of the paint room, he was there to say "hi! come play! Or just take a break and pet me, 'cause I like that too! My ears really like it when you scratch them!" He followed me around and planted himself next to my feet when I sat down. He was hard to ignore. And easy to love. I hope Mom and Dad find another lovey dog like him soon.

To Deacon's former daddy - He was such a joyful animal and such a love. Thank you for giving him those basic traits during the months you had him. My husband and I have had rescued dogs several times. The early times really do form who those dogs are. Even the most forgiving love doesn't erase an early trauma. Both of our current dogs are rescued and every now and then they will react to something we never even thought of (Revan cowers when wrinkled clothes are flapped.. I don't fold clothes around him anymore). Deacon had none of that. He was just a shining, furry ball of love.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear last I was able to weep.


Faye said...

Sayre, thank you for allowing us to help you celebrate Deacon's great life. From the photos you could just tell he was at his element, totally relishing all those doggy pleasures. Be comforted in knowing that your whole family gave Deacon a good life. A good dog never lives long enough. We just must love them while we have them with us and keep them in our hearts forever.

Island Rider said...

I was doing okay until your dad posted. My sympathies to all. The loss of a dear pet is very hard. May your laughter ease your tears a bit.

karisma said...

(((Sayre))) (((Deacon))))

So sorry for your family's loss. What really breaks my heart is that your parents had to find him on the side of the road. Whats wrong with people that they can't stop and knock on a door or at least take the dog to the nearest animal shelter? No-one should have to find their baby like that. So cruel!

Sayre said...

We know nothing of the driver, but the neighbor across the road did call (my parents were out). Deacon was just too heavy to move. My dad is pushing 70 and Deacon weighed well over 100 lbs. They did the best they could and got help to move him the next morning.

Mariposa said...

It is said that people who have loved greatly will love again...Now I'm so ready to cry again!

Lovely story there...made me miss my Mozart...he was like your Deacon too!

Thanks for your post!

Anonymous said...

I know your pain. Our fuzzy babies are real blessings and sources of comfort and joy.

Crying here.

And once again missing my own dear Phydeaux.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Aw, heck.

Can't type when I cry.

That "anonymous" above is me.

Sandy said...

How wonderful for all of us that generosity of spirit is also in the blood.

I am sorry it took me so long to get here.

God bless Deacon and his family.