Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun Monday - What a Mess!

I'm on the road for Fun Monday this week, so I won't be visiting anyone's blog until the end of the week - but I wanted to participate anyway!

Gattina is our host this week and she made it simple:

I just want to know what you call a messy place and put a picture of it in your post. It's just to compare, if I am messy ...

I'm a pretty neat person. But I do live with two very messy people. My son is mess-maker number one. He strews things and clothes behind him the way PigPen leaves a trail of dust. I'm trying to break him of that habit, but I can tell I'm in for the long haul.

The other mess-maker is my husband. Now, on the surface, he seems like a neat kind of guy. He goes into work early every now and then to dust and clean the floors (even though that is NOT his job). He washes dishes and mops the floors and likes things neat.

The computer room is prone to dust and tumbleweeds of cat hair. And since everyone uses that room, it's a receptacle for dishes, clothes, toys, bits of electronic equipment, books, and pieces of whatever projects are underway or about to be. I try to keep it pretty neat, but last week, Darling Man decided he needed to lend a hand. I walked in and realized that the room was neat, the fur was missing and... so was a lot of other stuff. Huh. I looked around (and under the bed) before finding the missing stuff.


Ah. Neat room = messy closet.

Another area Darling Man helps out in is laundry. For some reason, we have mountains of the stuff. One of my summer projects is to get rid of as much surplus clothing as possible. In the meantime, it's hard to find a place to put it all. Which is probably why my garage looks like this:

IMG_0426 IMG_0427


There is literally folded or hanging laundry on almost every surface in the garage. Not such a great idea, actually, since there's lots of dust, dog hair, and spiders out there. But right now? It'll have to do.

I guess I know what I'm going to be doing when I get back!


karisma said...

Oh Yeah! For sure! You totally made up this mess just for Fun Monday! We all know what a neat freak you are! Messy household members or not! And don't talk to me about laundry, I challenge you to come and do mine for a week! Go on!!!!!

Janis said... n kids are # 1 mess makers. Have a great week and thanks for sharing! My garage is also my messy room!

Mariposa said... thing my Mom is not blogging or she will call me the mess-maker at home! LOL

I'm sure those "mess" will not last too long with your around. ;)

nikki said...

My closet is a disaster. Seriously. (BTW- LOVE Z-boy's freckles.)

grace said...

I wish I could say that my relatives were the only messy ones, it's everybody is my house!

Bobbie Leigh said...

LOL!! Since your confession to me of your undying love of cleaning, I have a hard time believing these pictures. blah ha ha ha ha!

Faye said...

Sayre, I think you live with two boy pidgeons--you know dropping whereever they please! At least there's the offers(?) to help clean up. . .

Hope you've had a good week away and it was not all work.

grace said...

Does you mom have a blog? I tried to find her but could not. I love those Indian recipes, at least I am not spending any money at the Indian restaurant anymore. thanks for stopping by

Gattina said...

My son (now 36) has always been messy ! I tried for years to educate him, I see the result today, lol ! If he would have a baby he couldn't find it in all this mess.

this new place said...

i need to go clean out my laundry room now!

The Church Lady said...

Hey - isn't that what closets and garages are for?? To store all the mess!