Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unexpected Treasures

Last Saturday night, my boy and I went to see the musical "Brigadoon" at my old high school. While my school was known for it's excellent musical productions, this particular effort was a summer program that drew on the best that the area high schools had to offer.

One of the best happens to be ZBoy's favorite babysitters - Cecelia. She was so excited to get the news that she would be in this musical! Then she badly sprained her ankle and was unable to dance. By the time the play was to be put on, she was still in an air brace. Accomodations were made and she appeared as an old woman, using my late grandmother's cane for support. Her dancing was limited, but as an "old woman", completely believable.

ZBoy had never seen a production like this. Live orchestra. Live actors. Live bagpipe. Oh, the bagpipe!!! He absolutely adored it. Highland Games are sure to be in our future now.

Afterwards, we had a little post-play party at the Village Inn with coffee and pie. Cecelia was a few minutes late (had to get out of costume and into street clothes), and we told our waiter that we would wait for the guest of honor. He'd recognize her when she came in because she'd probably be the only gray-haired 16 year old in the place. She arrived a few minutes later.

Cecelia as old woman

Mom, Dad, ZBoy, me - Cecelia's mom A and grandma and step-grandpa, and family friend E made up the pie party. Lively discussion of musicals and photography and how the candid ones were always so much fun, as you catch people wearing expressions they rarely have in real life.

Eric and Alison

As we were all saying goodnight, E asked me if I wanted or knew of anyone who wanted an old sewing machine. E's wife died a couple of years ago and he's finally ready to clear out the house of various items - his wife's and his mother's. I said sure and he said he'd leave it out at the farm for me.

Sunday, I went out to the farm to spend time with the parents, and when I got there, E was there also, dropping off the machine. We loaded it straight from his van to my car. He also had a couple of other things which he gave to me. I took them home unopened.

Life has been a bit crazy since Sunday, but I finally got around to inspecting the stuff that E gave me.

Cabinet Cabinet & Machine
(Click on pictures to enlarge)
Front view with light fixture Forward and Reverse control

Rear view with motor
It's in pretty good shape I think. The cabinet is beautiful and it is a very basic sewing machine. I find that I am thinking long and hard about keeping it as opposed to giving it away. But then that means I would have three sewing machines - and my mom's going to lend me her serger at some point... I may be more like Mom than I thought.
Then I turned my attention to the other things I brought home.

Mystery Box & Sewing Basket Label on Mystery Box

Old sewing basket and an even older box. I find labels on boxes like this fascinating.

Mystery box revealed Odds and ends
The contents were very neat and orderly... Then I stirred things up a bit to see what was there. Lots of elastic, spare needles, a couple of nice pairs of embroidery scissors, a purse frame with chain, a very old patch from the Washington Zoo, lots of zippers, and a small ball of crocheted lacework.

Peace and deer Sewing Basket contents
I think my favorite finds were these two scraps of paper with the word "Peace" on one and a small deer on the other. Then I turned my attention to the sewing basket. Lots of shoulder pads on top, with some ribbon.

Sewing Basket treasures

But these were the most interesting items in the sewing box... a crocheted button, a silver chain (for a cape, maybe?), a small rose, gold elastic string, a cross - and a Chuck E Cheese token. I haven't got a clue as to what the red and white thing is, but when you push on the little pedal, a tiny length of thread comes out near the top.
All in all a fruitful day. My son discovers a love of musicals and bagpipes, and I discover an amazing wealth of old sewing notions and a lovely machine!


Ari_1965 said...

Perhaps the red thing is a needle threader?

karisma said...

OMG Sayre!!! I was excited over the musical, if Cameragirl saw that machine and those sewing bits she would cry! She has been drooling over finding an old machine for ages.(I am keeping my eye out for an old Singer one for her) I have been buying up little bits and pieces for her from op shops,she especially loves vintage bits but buttons are her favourite. We managed to get some old buttons from an old jar that were from WW1. She loves them.

karisma said...

PS...I also meant to say to you that you should totally KEEP it. It is a BIG find.

Anonymous said...

The chain is a glasses holder with a broken end. Your grandpa wore one a lot.
And the red thing IS a needle threader.

Gattina said...

Interesting sewing box ! I real discovery, with all the things you found in there !