Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday at last!

We have managed to survive the first week of school! And it wasn't as traumatic as either ZBoy or I had feared.

He gets up on time every morning. He gets dressed and eats breakfast. If there's homework to finish up, he does it without prodding. He gets his backpack together and I make his lunch, which he then puts in his backpack. And if there's any time left over, he gets to play a video game while I shower and dress before we leave for school.

Who IS this kid?

And then when he comes home, he does his homework and is happy and cheerful all evening.

Again, who is this kid?

Last year was such an agony. Battles over getting up. Battles over doing homework. Battles over taking a bath.

This year? Sunshine and roses. I'm hoping it lasts.

Why do flu shots hurt so much?

I was at the doctor this week getting a biopsy done on my back. He stuck me with the needle, cut out the offending mole to be sent for lab work, cauterized the wound, then closed it up with SuperGlue. The nurse told me to wait a few minutes before putting on my shirt (because if I didn't, getting it back off again that night would be pretty painful). So I sat there on the table reading my book when another nurse came in, handed me a piece of paper to sign, then asked which arm I wanted my flu shot in.

At least it's only sore this time and not lumpy, which is what happened last year. And it hurt more than the biopsy after it was all over.

Work is good and busy. My department consists of me, so there's not much drama, but I have recruited a couple of people down the hall to help out and they picked up that ball and ran with it. Which is good... because our remote scheduler (she lives in the Pacific Northwest) was let go in July and I've been crazy busy doing her job, my job and all the other jobs that fall in my lap. Still, it's all good. I've settled into a routine and everything gets done in a timely manner. I'm still discovering new and easier ways to accomplish everything.

While this is going on here, there are other stations being hit with massive layoffs. Our buddies down in Gainesville just lost 14 people with more layoffs expected in December. We laid off a few, but most of our budget savings has been in not filling old positions vacated by retirees or folks just moving on. I feel blessed to still have a job at this point.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, productive week!!!


SwampAngel65 said...

I hope ZBoy stays in his present mode, but I fear it won't last. I could be wrong...and I hope I am...but....

I quit getting Flu shots. The last one I had felt like someone whacked me with a baseball bat!

Janis said...

Sounds like zboy is liking school so far. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

Swampy said...

Hope it lasts...during my 25 years in the classroom, a large percentage started out the school year great and in about 3 weeks, it was all over.

I hate needles but I love my acupunturist.

When will our economy ever pull out of this?

Kila said...

LOL, I just did a post and started it the same way! Our first week of school also went well! Let's hope it continues!