Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun Monday - Back to School?

Fun Monday rolls around again and this Monday really IS fun if you're a mom who's had a kid home all summer. School starts today!!! I am so happy - and my son is so bummed. I think that once he gets back in the groove, he'll feel better though.

Our host this week is a lifelong learner, herself - Faye at Summit Musings - who wants to know:

I'm asking you to share your thoughts on lifelong learning:--Do you still think of yourself as a student? A lifelong learner?--If so, what would you like to learn?

Interesting topic, Faye!

I consider myself a fairly educated person. I did not get a college degree, though I did get through a year and a half of community college before making the mistake of getting married. I am, however, an avid reader. I love books. And newspapers. I am one of the few people I know who still gets a daily newspaper delivered to her house. There is something inherently satisfying in holding the paper in your hands as opposed to sitting at a computer.

If I had it all to do over again, I would have worked harder in high school. I have an IQ of 144, but I sure didn't use it back then. I was more concerned about my boyfriend and my job and my friends than pushing those straight A's I earned into actually meaning something. And I would have gone to college instead of getting married. I would have had a career that made money and had a bit of status.

But time doesn't move backwards in any given lifetime... it only pushes forward, and it is up to us as to how we spend that time and what we learn before we die.

At the moment, I am learning all manner of practical things. I can change out a toilet and install a new faucet. I am an expert interior painter. I've installed a wood laminate floor and fixed several vacuum cleaners. This past weekend, I learned to cook two new kinds of quiche (I am not much of a cook).

In the near future, I will learn exterior painting (thanks, Mom and Dad), cabinet refinishing, vinyl removal and installation, how to knock a hole in an exterior wall on purpose. All lessons of the practical, maintenance of your home kind.

But there are other lessons to be learned. Recent professional lessons have included how to change programming from one analog stream to four digital ones and make all the automation work in the right places at the right times. New ones will include new digital edge servers, living without satellite feeds, and how to transfer programming online rather than calling FedEx. Those lessons are out there waiting until the techonology arrives and things start getting hooked up.

But I think the most valuable lessons I learn come to me on a daily basis. How to be a good mother. How to encourage my husband. How to heal my body. How to tolerate people I'd rather not associate with. How to make my parents feel loved. How to be a good friend.

One day, I hope to resume my formal education. The one thing my grandmother wanted me to do was to get my degree. It's taking me a long time to get there, but I want that too. My life is very full at the moment, but one day, in the not too distant future, holes will open up in my schedule. My son won't need me as much and I'll have a little more time for myself.

I am dreading and looking forward to that day.


Hootin' Anni said...

Great post. Getting a formal degree, if that is what you want in life, is something you look forward to, then!!!
Mine's now published and ready for viewing if you'd like to stop by. Have a great day.

Swampy said...

If you have a few extra minutes, come on over to my house. There are many little fix-it chores you can help me with...I was with you until you started talking about "change programming from one analog stream..." You lost me there.

One-hundred-forty-four ! Wow...I think you could divide that number in half for my IQ.

margaret said...

Uh, when you're done at Swampy's, can ya swing by Maryland? I have a few fix-it things that need doing around here :-)

My friend, you do not need a college degree to be "educated". There are lots of double-triple-doctorate holders out there who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. Now, I'm all for traditional education, since it is a way to quantify and get recognition for all your hard work!

But life teaches us all sorts of valuable lessons, all the time...and I see you are still learning and growing. Bravo to you! Thank you for sharing!

Oh, and about your previous post (Electric Company)? I didn't watch that, but I ADORED Mister Rogers and 3-2-1 Contact. Both were fabulous PBS shows that imparted knowledge to kids (instead of just mesmerizing/ babyistting them), and did it in an entertaining way!

Janis said...

I am with M...sometimes common sense and being pratical are more important then book smarts. Life lessons have more value in your peronality then holding a piece of paper. Your Job alone is a "Big" learning tool. Thanks for sharing Sayre and Happy FM. BTW I am hosting next week so come on over and sign up this WED. :~)

ChrisB said...

All those practical skills are so useful, think of all the money you save not having to get someone in. You lost me a bit on all the technical jargon!

I'm sure that you will eventually find the time to get your degree.

Your daily lessons are things that we all aspire towards.

MommyWizdom said...

Those are all some very useful things to learn. I'm afraid I'm not very handy...

Good for you and have a great week!

And that was a great Electric Company post - I am very glad that show is back on the air!


Debs said...

My father always said (usually when he was trying to persuade our headmistress to let us miss school to go on holiday) that nothing can beat the school of life.

I think he was right, and that being the best parents we can be is such a worthwhile thing to do.

Faye said...

Sayre, I'm trying to remember--are you the blogger buddy who has earned her pilot's license? If so, I bow at your feet having tried to do that myself. Got to almost soloing, but the math in flight planning scared me out of the sky. You remind me of my geek friend J, she is absolutely fearless with any DIY project. Just give her a manual and room to time to practice. About your job--have you gone to school to learn all those new technologies, or are you self taught?

The greatest thing about going after a degree as an adult, YOU can decide what you want to study--makes the work so much more meaningful.

this new place said...

we still have a week before school starts, but my girls are on vaca with their dad so the separation has already started! We're ready for it though

grace said...

great post Sayre! It looks to me like I can learn a lot from you. Hope you reach that day that you are looking forward to, in the meantime, enjoy

karisma said...

I think we are all, always learning! Its what makes life interesting!

Gattina said...

I think it is never too late to learn. I didn't always enjoy learning but now I do !

Lil Mouse said...

good luck!

Pamela said...

I'm trying to keep learning, too.

I also wish I'd applied myself in high school and college -- and finished my degree.

The Church Lady said...

We are at a place in our life right now where our children need us and rely on us. One day, they will not be so reliant on us and then we can pursue our life long goals. But in the meantime, we continue to learn from all of life's little lessons, including the lessons our children teach us!

Jo said...

Oh my gosh, Sayre I have a college degree (DH has a Phd) and we can't do hardly any of the things you just listed!

I did not apply myself all that much to school at any level, high school or college. I'd be embarrassed to admit what my GPA was when I graduated from college. Fortunately I think I've managed to learn quite a bit since then.

samantha said...

You certainly know your body well! You have alot of stories to go with each and every scar.
And I agree with you about the Belly Scar!
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