Monday, September 07, 2009

Long Weekend

In a variation of "what I did this summer", here's a peek at what I did with my long weekend.

Darling Man was working every day of this holiday weekend. He worked for another employee on Saturday, did a soccer game on Sunday, and tonight, the FSU football game. Which meant that I had time on my hands. With breaks for exercising with the boy (who was consumed by his friend Jeremy and their online gaming), I decided to paint my family room.

It was a rather non-descript light yellow and I wanted to freshen it up, give it some color! Darling Man (who has an excellent sense for these things) said he wanted a green related to the one in the bathrooms. So I chose that color (green grapes) and went one shade lighter (lemon mint).


Since the family room and the kitchen are all one room, the paint went all the way into the kitchen too.

Hallway to the garage (the mirror is not going to live there).


My before picture has two little boys playing clone wars in it... ignore them.
I also decided to work on the pantry, which I don't think anyone has touched since the place was built back in the early 60s. There were spider webs and holes in the walls. I scrubbed the walls and patched the holes (pictures taken after cleaning but before painting).

Nasty, huh? I can't believe I kept my FOOD in that closet!

ZBoy helped me by scrubbing the wire rack and the shelves (then painting the shelves). I painted the interior of the closet. Put it all back together and put what food we had back in.
Not too shabby!!! I'm feeling quite chuffed.


Swampy said...

U-m-m-m-m...when do you want to come on over to my house?
I have several "projects" that seem to fit your fancy.

thisnewplace said...

NICE!!! I cleaned out my kids' room, all our clothes and organized the laundry room. nothing needs painting since this is a newish renovation, except gotta get touchup paint for some nicks! LOVE your pantry!

Sandy said...

I am so impressed. I didn't do a blessed thing but play on Farm Town...I am such a slacker.

Beautiful job!

Faye said...

You'll sleep well tonight and wish you had just one more day before going back to work tomorrow. I guess the secret to this indoor painting is to just tackle one room at a time. Nice to have a walk in pantry. If I had one would go to the grocery every six months. Noticed the whole wheat pasta on your shelf. do you have a favorite brand? I'm trying to switch but just can't get over the texture of ww.

karisma said...

Sayre! Will you marry me? Oh go on please!!!!!!!!!

I am so laughing at the shelf with the tin food. As a-la-natural as I have "a tin shelf" and its loaded! (With all sorts of vegies LOL) This morning it was bare and this evening it is so choc of block full its scary! Yes my pantry is about four times this one! My brats eat too much!

Janis said...

Painting is a chore that both my hubs and I despise. You sure did have a burst of energy. It does feel so good to sit back and admire the results of your labor.

Beckie said...

Thatsa lotta work!! Great Job ~ it looks wonderful!

Swampy said...

Just saying hi.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Wow-y Zow-y!!


You ROCK, Sayre!

Yeah, I'm going to have to wait until Bethany's a little older before I tackle projects like that and her desire to "help" really results in something "helpful"!