Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Right Tools for the Job

It's no secret that I am not a girly-girl.

I don't hesitate to jump in and do what needs to be done. Replace a toilet? No problem! Fix a hole in the wall? Okey-dokey. Installing new doorknobs is child's play. Painting a room is an afternoon of zen meditation.

I do draw the line at electrical work. Electricity can kill you. Plumbing just gets things wet if you mess it up, but fixing a socket or replacing a light fixture is the one thing I call a guy in for. I blame a nasty shock in my childhood from a leaky dishwasher.

Electricity aside, I love to do it myself. It's a challenge, a puzzle, an accomplishment when I finally get it right.

And of course, one must have the right tools to do the job.

This is my tool kit. It's pretty basic, but I like the tote so I can add my own stud-finder, tape measure, level, hooks, duct tape ('cause you gotta have that) and various other odds and ends that I've found need for over the years. I have my own drills, sanders, and last year when I mentioned lusting after a reciprocating saw, my dad made sure I got one for my birthday. A router and a jigsaw are on my want list as well as a lathe. Not that I know what I want with a lathe at this point, but at sometime in the not too distant future, I daydream about creating my own furniture.

Yeah. I'm weird like that.

Last week, I sold my old dryer to a friend of mine. We like each other, but are as different as can be in some respects. I talked her through the process of removing the power plug from her old dryer so that we could put it on the one I was bringing her. She wasn't home when I brought it, but assured me that her daughter had the tools so we could get everything hooked up when I got there.

And here is where I realized just how odd I must be with my tool mania. When I asked the daughter where the tools were, she handed me what looked like a little pink makeup case. And inside were these:

They were tools alright. Pink and tiny. When Darling Man asked for the screwdriver to re-attach the dryer vent, I handed him the handle with the flathead bit stuck into it. The look on his face was quite comical. Then he sent me down to his truck for a "real" screwdriver.

It occurs to me that there were probably a lot of women who consider something like that as their tools. A little something to slip in their purse or glove compartment. My car tools look like a suitcase for an overnight trip...

And perhaps that is also the reason why so many women are amazed at the projects I tackle around my house. With tools like that, how could they possibly get anything done? The job is only as easy or hard as you make it - and what tools you bring to the table can make a world of difference in getting it done or having to call the handy man to come and do it for you.


The Church Lady said...

Oh Sayre - you made me laugh today! As much as I love those pink girly tools, I am like you. I own my very own tool chest and cordless drill. Sometimes my hubby borrows my drill and I don't like it. I admit that I will do handy work when I can (i.e. hang mini blinds, take things apart and fix them, etc.) but, I know when a project is too big for me to handle and I am not above asking my husband to do it for me, even though he never does it in a timely manner.

Let me ask you one question....did you find your stud with your stud finder?? hee hee.

Island Rider said...

check out these wood working classes. https://www.folkschool.org/index.php?section=subjects&subject_id=11

Maybe a gift certificate to folk school can be on your next wish list.

karisma said...

LOL! Well they are kinda cute! I don't really own any tools. I just use SB's if I need them or I call my dad!

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Dang, Woman!! I admire you so!!

When I was a single woman, my "tool kit" consisted primarily of duct tape and a butter knife!

margaret said...

Heeheehee! Ditto Stephanie. You know what they say - when the going gets tough, the tough get duct tape ;-)

I hear you about not shying away from handyman/handywoman work; as long as I am tall enough and strong enough to do whatever it is, I have no problem doing it. In fact, being just shy of 5'3" has its benefits, in that I can fit into spaces that J, at 6'2", cannot.

Good on you my friend! I'd love to see any furniture you might create! (I'm nowhere near THAT handy myself, and I also don't do as much plumbing-related stuff as I should. There is something terrifyingly primitive about toilets, IMO. Pathetic, I know.)

I also draw the line at electricity. My dad is an electrical engineer and He Knows What Happens When Good Electricity Goes Bad. That's when I figure it's time to support the economy and call in an electrician ;-)

nikki said...

There is nothing duct tape, gorilla glue and zip ties can't fix.

Anonymous said...

Your beloved Momma has a claw hammer in her car tool kit. Unusual tool for automotive repair.


PinkPiddyPaws said...

Yeah baby!! I LOVE my DeWalt power drill and get a little wonky when other people are using it. God help someone if they screw up my tools.

Last week I changed all the deadbolts on my doors. ha.ha.ha... Girl power rocks!

thisnewplace said...

I totally want one of those! I have a screwdriver and hammer, all that come apart and turn into different sizes of things, I use them all the time, they are girlie with flowered handles. LOVE them. I also love the manly tools I have, via J, but love my own.