Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

The great room change is still in progress. No more painting has occurred yet (see the bear is still just an outline), but ZBoy asked if he could have the old computer.

It died after a long battle with some deadly virus that killed its Internet Explorer. We replaced it while it was in hospital with a lovely new one, but Dr. Ron managed to resuscitate the old one with Firefox. It is still crippled, but it does work. However, Old Computer was dismantled and stuck in the nursing home closet, forgotten by all but for one small boy.

Yesterday, he asked if he could have it. I said sure, but it needed to live in one of the closets rather than out in the room and it would be a strictly off-line computer. ZBoy promptly set to work clearing a closet while I dug Old Computer out of my closet. We swept the closet out, dusted the computer, put it together and crossed our fingers.

It fired up.

ZBoy has had the best time playing games, trying to download more from disc (not much luck there, I think that drive might be shot), and exploring old files.

He found old emails, music we'd downloaded, some of Darling Man's music, and a file with one of my projects for the TV station in it.

It was pulled together quickly using pictures I'd taken for Nikki's annual Where's Elvis Contest. We aired it and I forgot about it. But there it was, hidden in Old Computer.

I wonder what other treasures he'll dig up?


Pamela said...

no naked Elvis's I hope. ha ha.

this new place said...

love the closet!