Friday, October 16, 2009

Fish And Cake

Darling Man finally took an afternoon off and went fishing with his pal Terry. They kayaked out from Live Oak Island and after that stormy front went through this morning, the tides were running HARD. Perfect for catching redfish!

While he was out to sea, I was back home putting together brother Andy's birthday cake. It's a rather special birthday tradition in my family, though it's usually Matt who asks for it.

Birthday boy Andy will arrive tonight at the farm and tomorrow, we shall do the family party thing - turkey chili and circus cake!

The cake was on the counter cooling when DM returned from the fishing trip bearing a lovely redfish:

You'd think this was the first time Revan had ever seen one, but I know that's not true. However, redfish is apparently as fascinating everytime as the first time in dog-world.

ZBoy made a special trip downstairs to touch its eye. I'm not sure why he does this - he doesn't like touching any other part of the fish - but every time DM brings one home, Z's gotta touch it.

The redfish will be dinner tomorrow night (after the party - one fish is not enough to go around), but since Darling Man hadn't taken any bait with him, he caught a mullet in his net and used part of that for bait to get pinfish, which then became redfish bait. The leftover mullet became DM's dinner...

A culinary kind of day...


grace said...

can I have some fish? looks yummy.

Janis said...

I'll take an order of red fish and a piece of Circus Cake!