Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend and beyond project

When my boy was just a tot and we lived in a mobile home down in darkest Wakulla, I wanted to make his room a place he wanted to sleep in (we were having stay-in-your-own-bed issues). So I set about to make his room magical for him. I pulled out the blue carpet and put in a fake (vinyl) wood floor and painted over the oh-so-lovely trailer wallboard with a milk chocolate color, then added trees so that he had his own forest to sleep on. I found bedspreads with a leaf motif for his bunk bed and a green rug. Only on the rare nightmare nights did he show up at the foot of our bed after that.

It was an amazing room.

About a month ago, we were on our way to school when he rather wistfully said that he wished he could have his old room in our new house. I thought about it some and decided that it could be done - but better this time!

Granted, my artistic skills are limited. The trees in the previous room were pretty primitive - like something a five year old might make. I have a better idea of what I want to do for him this time - so I got started yesterday.

First, we removed all the stuff in his room.

I swept the ceiling and the fan and the walls (where does all this dust come from????) and finally the floor.

Instead of a flat landscape, this time, we're gonna have rolling hills.

There was no way I'd get to finish this weekend, so I build his bed (the frame was given to us by his godmother - we had the mattress) and put fresh sheets on it so he'd have somewhere to sleep while I figured out where the art brushes had disappeared to. That could take some time, and may actually result in my buying some more....

When I showed him his room, he was ecstatic - "It's better than I ever dreamed!!! And you're not even finished yet!"

No, baby... I'm not.


karisma said...


Sandcastle Momma said...

What a cool room he'll have! He's a lucky boy to have such a sweet, talented Mom. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product.

grace said...

so beautiful, you are such a nice mama!

Janis said...

Oh how nice, cant wait to see the end result.

Liane Michel said...

That's an awesome paint job! You have so much more energy than I have!

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Well done, Awesome Mom!!

I've yet to repaint the butterflies and ladybugs and dragonflies on Bethany's walls since the house was rebuilt after hurricane Ike, but you are inspiring me!!!!

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Wow - I love it ... it's like a paint by numbers project, this is 'phase one'. I can't wait to see the rest :)